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Bus Gamer anime

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Bus Gamer anime
puu2003 on Mar 04, 2008 18:40:26

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In order to get money, three young men - Saito Kazuo, Mishiba Toki and Nakajo Nobuto - agree to take part in the "bus game" which is played between corporations. They have never seen each other before, but now they are the team and must win - not only for the money, but to survive as the game becomes more and more dangerous. No one wills to quit though, as well as to reveal why he needs money.

The anime for this manga is supposed to begin airing on March 15th, 2008. There will be total of 3 episodes.

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Re: Bus Gamer anime
65577 on Jun 09, 2012 10:55:03

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Personally the manga is better.
Than again I'm not that fond of anime
so I wouldn't know how significant
it is to others. Still- the manga had better
dialog surprisingly. :O

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