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He's just so perfect...

This image contains MATURE CONTENT that you may find offensive.
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I cant stop fantasizing.
I love nothing more in this world than I do for InuYasha...
I'm so jelly Kagome...
cant we all agree my fellow fangirls...
Posted by: Starkittyunicorn on Jan 20, 2019
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btw. I have a disclaimer. I did NOT make that beautiful fan art that should be placed in a museum. nor do I own inuyasha. duh. I'm afraid of the fbi...
Posted by:Starkittyunicorn on Jan 20, 2019 03:49:05
oof. I didn't relies saying its mature would mean its 18+. sry bout dat. just being on the safe side. all it is, is a kiss between the best lovers the wourld has ever seen...
Posted by:Starkittyunicorn on Jan 20, 2019 03:45:31