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ohnoitsfrog's Journal » Viewing all entries

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Posted by ohnoitsfrog on Mar 17, 2019 08:02:59
What was your spring break like?
Posted by ohnoitsfrog on Jan 19, 2019 17:16:47
Who else here has Asperger's Syndrome?
Not now
Posted by ohnoitsfrog on Jan 14, 2019 14:21:06
hate school, hate bullies. Hate getting in trouble for self defense. Why is it always name calling? Let me disappear.
Happy new year
Posted by ohnoitsfrog on Dec 30, 2018 16:36:49
who going to pop fireworks?

Happy x mas
Posted by ohnoitsfrog on Dec 23, 2018 09:50:26
have a nice dinner
i'm a loser
Posted by ohnoitsfrog on Dec 16, 2018 08:55:07
My boi was thought of
Posted by ohnoitsfrog on Nov 11, 2018 08:57:21
Somebody added Charlotte Katakuri I'm on squeee mode rn. He's so sexy and cute, thank you Marry your favorite character online.
happy halloween
Posted by ohnoitsfrog on Oct 31, 2018 06:07:44
Hey happy halloween my fellow brothers and sisters of anime.

I was skeptical
Posted by ohnoitsfrog on Mar 18, 2018 02:38:04
but now I'm convinced

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