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JacksBerry88's Journal » Viewing all entries

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Posted by JacksBerry88 on Jun 18, 2020 12:57:22
Today is the 2nd anniversary of XXXTentacion's death! When I first heard the news I cried as I listened to his music! I hope his murderers rot in hell forever!
Rant on Hazbin Hotel hackers
Posted by JacksBerry88 on Jun 08, 2020 13:46:50
This is going to be a rant on Hazbin Hotel hackers because I hate them! If you are a Hazbin Hotel hacker and get triggered easily, LEAVE NOW!!! Now lets begin!

Hazbin Hotel hackers? More like Hazbin Hotel haters! Because that's who they are! They change the profile pics to inappropriate ones and they spam the galleries with random images that aren't from the series! I uploaded nice fan art of the series in the gallery once and it got drowned out by a bunch of random nonsense! I hate these people so much! Do you know who likes these hackers? FANDOM! FANDOM also got me blocked forever for no reason! Do you know who hates these hackers? Pinkfong! Pinkfong is my husband, and he likes Hazbin Hotel! He wants these hackers to get banned! End of rant.
Why I was gone
Posted by JacksBerry88 on Sep 08, 2019 17:27:32
I know it’s been a while, but that’s because a meanie named CyanideCrayon got me banned from all of FANDOM! What is fricking jerk! I hope he gets a big fat punishment day!
Pinkfong got me a gift!
Posted by JacksBerry88 on Aug 10, 2019 11:46:31
Pinkfong got me a Sakura Pink PS2! How cute of him!

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