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lil_vamp's Journal » Viewing all entries

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Posted by lil_vamp on Feb 06, 2019 21:58:40


Rohan: I love you so much my loves, all of you have helped me become a better man, a man I know you can be proud of.

Dante: I love you all so much, and I thank you all for allowing me to become part of your family, and for helping me become a better man

Ryden: I love you all so much, and I am so thankful for you all allowing me to become part of your lives, and for showing me that love really does exist

Niklaus/Caiden/Xandir/Kara/Oda: *comes running out with tons of Valentines, Candies, and Gifts* HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

*everyone hands out and exchanges valentines, gifts, and candies with one another*
Inkscape book back cover
Posted by lil_vamp on Jan 19, 2019 22:21:20
Welcome to “Inkscape”, a rockin' N rollin' supernatural tattoo shop located in the heart of California's most famous city, just west of the sunset strip. It's also in the heart of the supernatural community. Oddly enough however, we see more humans in our shop then we do other supernatural beings. My names Brea “Breezy” Sinner, and I own and run “Inkscape” with my best friend Amarri “Mar-Mar” Valentine and my younger brother Ryden Sinner. My brother and I, we're half human, half vampire, Mar-Mar, she's a full vamp, with the most wild and crazy personallity, and a crazy neon pink and electric blue pixie cut to match. Hope you all are ready to walk in and schedule an appointment with three of the cities finest and craziest tattoo artists this side of Cali.
50 Shades of Fucked Up (Mature Content)
Posted by lil_vamp on Jan 14, 2019 22:38:36
Life as a vampire was not all that movies and books made it to be, we didn't always have fabulous parties or live in giant mansions, unless of course you were a very old vampire with a lot of money. But for me, that wasn't the case. I myself am only just now hitting my one hundred and fiftieth birthday, and my undead life has been a living hell. I died trying to be a hero, trying to save some little kids from an old tavern that was about to collapse in on its self. The kids got out, but I wasn't so lucky. After I awoke as a vampire, a fact I knew since my so called boyfriend was a vampire; I went out to find him only to catch him with another vampire, a female, the dog. Needless to say when I found him I didn't stick around for long.

Now, my birthday only a few days away, I sat at my desk utterly bored out of my mind. I worked at a vampire assassination enterprise, amusingly called No Fangs Left. I was stuck on desk duty because one of my recent assassinations didn't go as planned and I accidentally wrecked my boss, Valentino Rossi's new car. A folded up piece of paper landed on my desk, pulling me from my thoughts. I unfold the paper and snicker. My Co worker and room mate Darria Lane had written me a note. I felt like we were just starting out at the company again, considering after fifty years working for Valentino, we still acted like newbies from time to time. I look over at Darria and smile, full fanged.

"I know what you mean. I so can't wait to-"

"Can't wait to what, Ashlee?" Valentino interrupted, dropping a stack of papers onto my desk.

I look up at my boss, giving him my most innocent face.

"To do more paperwork for my favorite boss." I reply, smiling.

Across the room Darria snickers. Valentino shakes his head.

"Fifty years you've worked for me and you still act like a newbie. Is it any wonder why you get stuck behind a desk?" Valentino scoffs.

I shrug. "Sorry. I just can't help it. It's who I am."

"Finish this paperwork quickly. You may have wrecked my car, but you're the only one I trust to go out on this new case. A group of recently turned vamps has been terrorizing one of the local night clubs. Mr. Grey has requested that you and only you work this case."

I groan inwardly. Xasher Grey was a dark and mysterious man, one that I had met shortly after becoming a vampire. He had the biggest thing for me and has pursued me for the last sixty odd years. I was interested in him, not that I would tell him so, but still. Valentino turns and goes back into his office, leaving me and Darria alone. I slump down in my chair and curse. Some days I hated my line of work.

"This fucking bites, in more ways then just one." I state, grabbing the stack of papers and beginning to work on them. Darria nods.

"Xasher Grey is one of themost difficult clients and one of the strictest club owners around. He doesn't let anyone whose not loaded into his clubs unless he or his younger brother is fucking them." Darria tells me, walking over and grabbing some of the papers and taking them back to her desk.

"I know. I've met Xasher Grey. He's an ass. I never knew he had a brother though."

"Yeah, his name isRhoan, and he's around our age, human wise. A few years older in vampire years." Darria starts typing away on her computer.

Grabbing my coffee cup, I go over and pour some of what Valentino liked to call "coffee." To me it tasted like someone just poured the grounds into a mug and added tons of sugar. I take a sip and shudder at the bitter sweet taste, walking over and and plonking my rear on the edge of Darria's desk. Darria turns her computer screen towards me and opens up the Web browser to Xasher Grey's business page, the club being called "Pleasure Please". It showed pictures of both him and his younger brother. Rhoan was definitely the better looking of the two brothers. I read over both of their profiles, noticing instantly that Rhoan Grey seemed to be the nicer and kinder of the two. Best of all, he was single. I smile, and Daria catches it.

"I take it by your smile you've read something you like?" She inquiries, turning her computer screen back around. I grin.

"I did. I'm actually excited about this case now." I stand and stretch my legs, tugging my skirt down as I make my way back to my desk. We didn't really have a dress code at the office, but I was never going to give in to my boss about wearing work appropriate clothes. That just wasn't who I was. Daria giggles and starts working again. I take a seat and continue working on my paperwork.

After 3 hours and 5 cups of horrid coffee, I finish the paperwork and take it to Valentino's office. I drop the papers on his desk and wait for my boss to give me the case file on Xasher Grey. Valentino turns his chair around, slamming his cell phone onto his desk.

"That was Mr. Grey. He needs you there now." Valentino states, handing me a file. "Get going."

I nod and leave Valentino's office, closing the door behind me. I grab my keys, phone, and purse from my desk.

"Gotta go to Xasher Grey's club now. If I'm not home by midnight, call my cell." I tell Darria as I pass her desk.

Shegives me a nod and I head out of the office, unlocking my 2010 Wine Red Hummer. I know I know, why such a big vehicle for someone with only a five foot nine frame. I mean I was tall, 6 feet in heels, but it wasn't the reason. The hummer is powerful, and I loved the fact that I could hide a body in the back and no one would be the wiser. I get into my vehicle and start her up, the roar of the engine causing me to grin like a mad woman. Man I loved this thing, and I'm glad I don't have to use Valentino's little car. He was short and kinda big for a vampire, but then again I wasn't exactly what you would call normal size either.

I back out of the parking garage and open Xasher Grey's file. His club was about five miles away from Darria and I's apartment, which meant I could grab a change of clothing and a bite to eat before going to the club. Pulling out into the street, I put my sunglasses on and roll the windows down, the warm air and the setting sun making the short drive home seem like it took just a little longer. After parking the hummer and locking it, I head into the apartment building and up the elevator to the top floor. I swipe my key card and enter, kicking my more casual three inch black, closed toe heels off and smiling. Darria and I have an amazing apartment, and I'm glad we decided to move in together.

Grabbingmy shoes, I head into my room and change into one of my favorite night club outfits. Though not really work appropriate, it's what I was wearing tonight. I slide my fishnets on over my long legs, then slip into my favorite black and red corset dress. The skirt only came to about mid thigh, and after lacing up the front, I was showing more skin then I needed to. I brush out my bright red hair, amazingly enough it was my natural color. It was not a ginger red either, I mean it's a red red. I fix my makeup before lacing up my favorite pair of knee high, six inch heeled boots. I look at myself in the mirror. I was a sight to be seen. I had a model body; long arms and legs, hourglass figure, pale skin, bright blue eyes, and a chest that made everyone ask if I had work done. I was only a 36 D, but still everyone thought they were fake.

I smile at my reflection before grabbing my leather jacket and my gun. I never left home without it. I always wore it right where it was easily seen. I strap my leg holster on and holster up my gun. After a quick couple warmed blood bags I was out the door and on the road to Xasher Grey's club. I was nervous as hell, but I was the only one for the job, at least according to my boss.
Happy 2k19 Everyone!!!
Posted by lil_vamp on Jan 01, 2019 20:35:28
Happy 2k19 everyone! Hope this year is starting out amazing, a d that the rest of your year goes just as amazingly.

Posted by lil_vamp on Dec 24, 2018 19:12:54
*everyone is sitting around the christmas tree in their pjs*

Me: Merry Chrismas Everyone! I hope you all have had and are having a happy holiday! *hands out presents*

Rohan: Merry Christmas sis. Merry Christmas Oda. Merry Christmas My loves. I love you all!

Dante/Ryden: Merry Christmas Rayne. Merry Christmas Oda. Merry Christmas my loves. I love you too!

Niklaus/Caiden/Xandir/Kara: Merry Christmass Daddiea, Auntie Rayne, and Oda! We love you!

Oda: Merry Christmas Mama, Uncle Rohan, Uncle Dante, Uncle Ryden, Uncle Alex, Uncle Val, Nik, Caiden, Zandir, and Kara!!! I love you all!!!!!

*we watch as the kids open presents, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" playing on tv*
Posted by lil_vamp on Nov 22, 2018 12:19:50
Me: well, it's that time of year again, time to be thankful for everything we've gotten and suck. I am thankful for my amazing family, my brother Rohan and his amazing family, and the wonderful friends I've made this year.

Rohan: I'm thankful for my amazing family, amazing sister and her family, and for all the things that have happened to make my small family grow into a large one.

Dante: I'm thankful for Rohan, Alex, and Val accepting me into their family as one of their own, for them helping find my younger brother and sister, and for all the amazing experiences I've got to have with everyone.

Ryden: I'm thankful for Rohan, Alex, Val, and Dante for helping me get away from the man who held me captive for many, many years, and for accepting me into lives, and making me feel like I am loved and wanted.

Niklaus/Caiden/Xandir/Kara: We're all thankful for our amazing dads, our aunts and uncles, and for our family growing and becoming stronger. We love you all!!!!
Random Story Part
Posted by lil_vamp on May 24, 2018 21:59:18
“Please, Mikael, you are better then this, you know you are.” Alaura pleads, her hands gripping Mikael's wrist as he squeezes her throat tighter.

“My dear, sweet, Alaura, such a naïve fool to think such a thing...” Mikael murmurs, fangs stained with the crimson blood of someone he had already fed from.

Alaura stares worriedly into Mikael's normally lilac eyes, which were now tainted red with hunger, or even worse; blood lust. She could hear her heart pounding in her chest, Mikael's grip on her throat tightening slightly.

“This isn't you, Mikael. Look into my eyes,” Alaura whispers hoarsely, keeping her eyes locked with Mikael's as he bared his fangs. Black was beginning to tinge her vision. “Look at what you are becoming.”

Mikael pauses upon hearing the fear in Alaura's voice. He looks at his reflection in her eyes, sickened at what he saw. Releasing his grip on Alaura's throat, he backs away from her, trembling. 

"A-Alaura.... I... I'm..." Mikael stammers, grunting as his back hits the wall. He sinks to the floor, his entire body trembling. 

Akaura takes a deep, painful breath, releasing it slowly as her vision returns to normal. She takes a tentive step towards Mikael. Mikael wipes the blood from his face with his hand, wiping the blood on his black jeans. He could feel his fangs returning to normal, his eyes cast downward. Mikael listens as Alaura takes a few more steps towards him, sinking to her knees beside him. 

"Mikael? Are you.... are you back?" Alaura asks Mikael, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Mikael jumps slightly, his trembling starting to ease. He reaches up with his other hand and places it over Alaura's. 

----- attachment -----

2 small untitled poems I wrote.
Posted by lil_vamp on May 14, 2018 21:16:27
Come join as me as I dance in this Eternal Night,
For we are the few who are bound together by Bloodlust,

Darkness, and Sin alone.

Though the Moon has just risen,

Moon-Heat burns through my veins.

A Lust like no other,

Only my Soul Mate can tame it.

----- attachment -----

Rohan/Dante/Ryden: *hanging outside My house*
Posted by lil_vamp on May 08, 2018 20:27:05
Me: *hands her brother Rohan and her brother in laws Dante and Ryden a beer, opening her own as she takes a seat with them at the picnic table* so, how have you guys been? It's been a long time since you came over to visit

Rohan: I missed you sis, that and the kids love coming over here to play because you built a huge jungle gym and sand box

Dante: *takes a sip of his beer* Thanks for the beers by the way. *smiles*

Ryden: Its great to finally meet you. Rihan told me a lot about you when he and I first met so long ago

Me: I've missed you too Rohan. Same with you Dante. And it's great to meet you as well Ryden. I'm glad my brother found you again. *watching Rohans kids Xandir, Caiden, Niklaus, and Kara playing in the sandbox with my youngest son Oda* And I love when my niece and nephews come over, Oda needs more friends his age, and besides, with most of my own kids living with their own families, my house feels a little too big and very empty.

*we all tap our beers together, watching the kids play as we talk and enjoy the wonderful weather*

----- attachment -----

Ryden: *looks down shyly*
Posted by lil_vamp on Apr 14, 2018 18:06:44
Ryden: ....h-hi... *biting his snake bite lip rings* I'm Ryden..... Im..... Gay....

Me: and very shy. And if anyone fucks with him I'm kicking their ass

----- attachment -----

Posted by lil_vamp on Mar 27, 2018 20:49:57
?????: *sitting beside a dumpster, hoodie pulled as far over his face as possible, knees drawn to his chest, arms wrapped around them*

----- attachment -----

Posted by lil_vamp on Feb 26, 2018 15:20:29
As the title says, I have 2 books self published on Amazon. They are in e-book form. The first book I wrote is called "Desire, Unbound" and is only $2.99 to purchase.
The second book I wrote is called "Forever the Outcast" and is available for $3.50 to purchase. I'm writing under the name Shara Sinnclairr. Feel free to check out the book descriptions and purchase them if you'd like to read any of the books!!!

----- attachment -----

Me/Rohan/Dante: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!
Posted by lil_vamp on Feb 11, 2018 21:48:21


Niklaus/Caiden/Xandir/Kara: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY DADDYS!!!!! *all four run around hugging their fathers until each of then has hugged each father*

----- attachment -----

Random poem
Posted by lil_vamp on Jan 25, 2018 11:09:01
Got so much on my mind,
Can't seem to get my thoughts together.
Feel like I'm caught in a never ending whirlpool,
Of misery, pain, loss, and regret.
What do I do?
How do I stop?
Is there any way out?
Is there any way out...?

----- attachment -----

Me/Rohan/Dante: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
Posted by lil_vamp on Dec 22, 2017 20:33:02
Me: I know it's a few days early but Idk if I'll be able to get on Christmas day, so....... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! I HOPE YOUR DAY IS FILLED WITH LOVE, GOOD FOOD, FAMILY, AND GOOD TIDINGS!!!!

Rohan: and I would like to wish a special Merry Christmas to my husband's Alex, Val, and Dante, and our children Niklaus, Xandir, Caiden, and Kara.

Dante: this year is Our first Christmas as a completed family (unless we decided to add more children in the future) and I'm proud to be apart of this magical day

Caiden/Xandir/Nikaus/Kara: Merry Christmas Daddies! We love you to the moon and back!

----- attachment -----

Holiday Blues
Posted by lil_vamp on Dec 20, 2017 18:04:02
Does anyone else seem to get really depressed around the holidays?
For the last couple of months I've been getting depressed more often and it's starting to annoy me. I mean, things aren't bad at my house, other then me not being able to find a job and unemployment fucking my mom around. Christmas wont have a lot of gifts, and I'll be getting one gift late, but I don't really care about that. *sigh* I just hate that I keep getting deressed and crying.

----- attachment -----

Posted by lil_vamp on Nov 23, 2017 13:16:25
HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!! Hope you all have an amazing day, eat lots of good food, and spend time with your families. Have a great day!!!!!!

----- attachment -----

Random Thoughts
Posted by lil_vamp on Nov 15, 2017 16:34:05
I can't believe Christmas is almost here, or that Thanksgiving is so soon. This year is going by so quickly, and so much has happened this year that I'm never going to forget, I wish time would slow down some, or even go back in time so I could change things that happened that I wish never happened. *sigh* Sorry for all of the random thoughts. How is everyone?

----- attachment -----

Posted by lil_vamp on Aug 21, 2017 20:31:53
I love Summer, I love the long hot summer days spent laying in the sun, working outside in the garden, or just out and about with family and friends! I love going to the beach and the pool, I love the sunsets, the nights spent around the bonfire talking, relaxing, having fun, spending the evenings outside playing darts, or just sitting in the garage talking. I know the seasons have to change and all, but I'm not ready for the cool weather yet. I mean yeah I want Halloween to come because that's my favorite holiday and all, but once Halloween and my birthday pass, that means that Winter is getting close and I HATE WINTER! It's TOO COLD, TOO WET, TOO SNOWY!!!! The only good thing about it is that it means Christmas is right around the corner. Anyone else hate Winter and wish it would stay WARM all year round?

----- attachment -----

New Book I'm Working on!!
Posted by lil_vamp on Apr 15, 2017 20:35:49
Here is the Synopsis and first chapter to a new book I'm working on writing. The Book is called Savage Lover. Please Enjoy and leave comments!!!!!!

Mikael “Savage” Black never thought he would find love while on the road with the rest of the “Maleviolence”, a heavy metal band out of Malibu out on their first tour. He certainly didn't expect to meet anyone, and all the fans normally drove him nut. But after a drunken brawl at one of their gigs, drunken, bruised, and busted up, Savage meets Xeranna Storm; an online blogger who has been following the band since they started playing live at “Lux Lusts” nightclub a year earlier. Savage recognized the young woman as one of their fans, and secretly held an attraction to her, unknown to the rest of the band.
Xeranna Storm has loved “Maleviolence” since she first saw them play their first love show, and that was over a year ago. Now an online blogger for Malibu's “Rock N Roll Saved My Soul” Magazine, she was following the band as they began their first tour. After finding the band's lead guitarist, Mikael “Savage” Black; bruised, bloody, and drunk outside the same nightclub they started their career at, she was finally going to get the chance to live out one of her dreams; meet the band and get individual interviews with each of the band members. What Xeranna didn't expect was the attraction she felt towards Savage.
When Xeranna helps Savage back to the tour bus after his drunken brawl at “Lux Lusts”, Savage and the rest of the band are more then grateful for Xeranna's help, and offer her not only individual interviews, but the chance to tour with the band and continue her blog on the road with them.
Will Savage make Xeranna's blog go from just over two hundred views to a million views when their live interview goes from professional to personal? Or will Xeranna turn and run from the desire burning between herself and Savage, leaving not only a once in a life time chance to make her blog famous, but a chance to make all of her dreams a reality?

Chapter One:
“Thank you Lux Lusts!!!! You guys were here when this all started, and now you're here to help give us an amazing send off for our tour! We will be touring with “Shattered Hearts” so be sure to follow them and give them some love as they end the show tonight! We are “Maleviolence” and we hope you keep on slaying it!!!!!!” Ryker “Psycho”Dezztro thanks the fans inside the nightclub, taking a bow as the lights dim. Dozens of woman's bras and panties littered the stage and every mic stand, and with one final riff on his guitar, Mikael “Savage” Black lets out a howl and follows the rest of his band mates off stage. Asher “Slasher” Zenn, Dexx “Reaper” Zerro, and Kasey “Krazzi” Freedman join Savage and Psycho being Krazzi's drum kit back stage, grabbing a bottle of beer and tapping it against the others beers. Savage loved his band mates, and couldn't wait to step out on the next stage and show the world that the band everyone thought wouldn't make it had made it to the top.
Reaper places a cold bottle of beer against Savage's neck, causing Savage to jerk upright.
“Reaper god damn you! Are you looking for a way to meet the actual Grim Reaper?” Savage yelps, turning and taking a playful swing at Reaper.
Reaper ducks Savage's right hook, popping the top off the bottle of beer and handing it to Savage, who grins and wraps his arm around Reaper's shoulders. Krazzi, Psycho, and Slasher laugh, raising their beers as Psycho begins to speak.
“To a hell of a show, and to getting drunk off our asses only to do it all again in three days, in the heart of LA, on the Sunset Strip!” Psycho toasts, grinning as the rest of his band mates agree with him, bottle clanking together.
Slasher turns to Savage, a mischievous look in his eyes. Savage knew that look, and he was down for a bit of fun after a long, successful day.
“Savage and I are gonna head out to the bar, anyone else going?” Slasher asks, looking around at the others. Psycho, Krazzi, and Reaper shake their heads.
“Nah, think I'm just gonna grab a bite to eat, pound a few cold ones, and crash out for the night. My head is still killing me from the craziness you two got us into last night. Never knew any of our roadies could pack such a punch, especially to one of the men who earn them their cash.” Krazzi answers, rubbing the back of his head where, beneath the shock of shoulder-length blonde and electric blue hair, a knot the size of a ping-pong ball had formed.
Reaper and Psycho shake their heads as well, going on about several girls who had VIP passes for after the show. Savage chuckles to himself. Normally he would jump at the chance to get some fan girl pussy, but tonight he was feeling like a bar fly, and in desperate need of a large glass of Jack and coke. With a wave goodbye to his other band mates, Savage and Slasher down the rest of their beers, tossing the bottles in the recycling bin before heading out towards the bar, two roadies and two of their bodyguards, hell if Savage knew their names, following close behind.

Xeranna Storm grins happily, wiping the sweat from her face and adjusting her favorite black “Maleviolence” band tank-top, which was cut and frayed, exposing everything from the bottom of her rib-cage to the top of her half-black half-red skinny jeans, which sat low on her hips; as she makes her way out of the crowd of people who came to see “Maleviolence” kick off their first tour. Xeranna has been a fan of the band since they first started out playing here at “Lux Lusts” Nightclub just over a year ago. She fell in love with the band, and the members, particularly one member; the lead guitarist Mikael “savage” Black. The first time she heard Savage play, she was hooked. His fingers danced across his guitar strings like they were performing their own ballet, and his voice when he sung with the lead singer, Psycho, dear god it was enough to make her lace thong wet.
After a quick check of her makeup on using her phone screen as a mirror, Xeranna shoves her cell back into the back pocket of her skinnies and turns her digital video camera on, filming the still cheering crowd and the scene around her before turning the camera on herself.
“Okay everyone, you heard it right from Psycho himself! “Maleviolence” is going out on tour, and I am so fucking stoked! Hope you all are as well. I'm gonna head backstage and try to get an interview with Psycho, get the tour schedule and his insight on how he thinks the tour is going to go. After that, I'll try to talk to each of the guys one-on-one, if they haven't already packed into the bus with some groupies for an after party. This is Xeranna Storm with “Rock and Roll Saved My Soul” Magazine and online blog. Stay tuned and keep it Rockin'!” Xeranna tells her camera, throwing up her horns with a huge grin before stopping the video.
Xeranna gives herself a once over, and after tying her black three inch platform heeled booties and re-applying her favorite Dark red lipstick, she pulls her backstage pass from inside her shirt, slipping through the crowd of screaming fan girls that were surrounding the backstage entrance. Xeranna stops and turns her camera back on, interviewing a few of the girls and getting some footage of the massive crowd of people forming. She shows “Maleviolence's” roadies Trent and Kye her backstage pass, and after they wave her through, she heads to the bands dressing room, managing to catch Psycho and Krazzi before they got back to the bus. After a quick live chat with with Psycho and Krazzi, Reaper was already back on the bus, Xeranna saved her video footage and shut her camera off. She stopped by the bathroom to touch up her makeup; her pale blue eyes looked gray with the red and silver eye shadow she wore, lined with black liquid eyeliner and black mascara. Xeranna had a hint of a tan starting; it was only May and mother nature had finally decided to get of her bipolar-cycle and let the sun shine and dry up all the rain. I mean it was California for cripes sake! Smirking, She waited patiently for a stall to open and ten minutes later, after washing her hands and using hand sanitizer, she left the bathroom, heading straight to the bar for a Jack and coke.

Four Jack and cokes, and three shots of straight Jack later, Savage is feeling fine and dandy. He and Slasher paid one of the waitresses to serve drinks topless for the rest of the night, which was great cause she had amazing tits and a huge ass. Savage knew Slasher was planning on taking her back to the bus once she came back to the bar. Now if only Savage could find a lady to lose himself in for the rest of the night, it would be a perfect night. Getting to his feet, Savage sways slightly, righting himself before walking over to one of the pool tables. Grabbing a cue stick, Savage chalks the end, racks the balls, and lines up his first shot. Savage cracks the cue ball, sending the other balls scattering, three went into the pockets. He checks the where the balls dropped to, seeing two solids and one stripe. Grinning, he lines his next shot up, cursing as he scratches and the cue ball jumps the table. Savage lays his stick on the pool table, going in search of the missing cue ball.
“Looking for this?” A woman's voice asks. Savage looks up from the floor, stunned at the thing of beauty standing in front of him.
The woman, he was damn sure she was a woman if her figure was anything to go by, was completely smokin'. She had black hair that hung to her hips; which were pierced. Piercings, both facial and body, are one of Savages weaknesses in a woman. Her red bangs highlighted her pale blue eyes, and the rings she wore in her snakebites and the right side of her nose, made her all the more attractive. She wore a cropped black “Maleviolence” tank, which showed off her perfectly toned and lightly tanned stomach, belly button ring, and sexy pierced hips and hip bones. Her half-red half-black skinny jeans looked as though they had been painted on her, accenting her curves and making Savage hard in an instant. Thank god he was wearing black leather pants, or he would really be showing something he wasn't quite sure he wanted the woman to see.
“Indeed I am.” Savage says smoothly, watching as the young woman's eyes light up, and she nearly drops the cue ball as her hands begin to shake.
“Care to join me for a game?” Savage asks the young woman, who only nods, grinning from ear to ear.
Savage takes the ball from her, taking her hand and leading her back to the pool table. He could feel the young woman's hands trembling in his, and wondered what was making her so shaky. Maybe a drink would calm her nerves?

Xeranna looks down at the hand grasping hers, at the man leading her over to one of the open pool tables, wanting to pinch herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming, or that someone hadn't slipped something into her drink. Once they arrived at the pool table, the man, her Idol, Mikael Fucking “Savage” Black, lead guitarist of Maleviolence, hands her the pool stick he had left on the table. Xeranna stares for a moment, then quickly shakes her head, silently screaming at herself to keep it together.
“Stripes or Solids?” Savage asks her, motioning to the balls on the pool table. “You're choice. I shot both in when I broke.”
“S-stripes.” Xeranna stammers, brushing her bangs from her face as she feels her face heat. She was sure her cheeks were as red as her bangs, if not darker.
Savage smiles at Xeranna, which makes her heart rate skyrocket. Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Xeranna lines up her shot, bringing the stick back and shooting. She makes her ball in, and moves around the table. As she lines up her next shot, she can see Savage looking at her out of the corner of her eyes. She gets ready to shoot, when a loud smack across her ass makes her jump and yelp, causing her to scratch and scatter the balls all over the table. Xeranna looks over at Savage, who looked pissed. She watches quietly as Savage walks over to the guy, tapping him on the shoulder. The man, a bald guy with tattoos on his face, turns and faces Savage.
“What do you want, ya pansy-assed freak?” The bald brute asks, looking Savage up and down.
Savage raises his fist, smashing it into the bald mans nose. “What rights do you think you have to lay your hands on a young woman, ya fucking punk ass bitch?” Savage snarls, glaring the man down as the man wipes the blood from his nose, looking at Savage with shock and rage in his eyes. Xeranna gasps, awestruck that Savage stood up from her, then snaps back to reality. Laying her hand on Savage's shoulder, she gently shakes it.
“Just let it go, please Savage. I don't want to see you get hurt.” Xeranna tells Savage, who obviously wasn't listening.
“You fucking bastard!” The bald man roars, grabbing Savage by his shirt and raising his meaty fist, swinging hard.
Savage ducks the blow, bringing his own fist up into the bald mans stomach. The bald man grunts in pain, grabbing his fist with his other hand and bringing both down on Savage's back. Savage curses loudly as he drops to his knees, the wind knocked from him. The bald man grabs Savage by his hair, fisting it tightly before bringing his meaty fist up once more, slamming it into Savage's nose and jaw. Xeranna curses, jumping on the bald man's back, digging her nails into the man's neck in attempt to get him to let go of Savage. The bald man grab's Xeranna's hands and pries them from his neck, pushing her off his back. Xeranna lands hard on her ass, quickly scrambling to her feet to get out of the way as two of the bands roadies step in. She and the roadies, along with two of the bands bodyguards and four bouncers from the club, manage to separate Savage and the bald man as they duck blows from busted pool sticks. Xeranna helps Savage to his feet, walking with him out of the club and back towards where she knew the bands buses were parked. Well, Xeranna had always wanted to meet Savage; and tonight she got her wish, even though things quickly went from good to bad in a matter of moments.

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