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Anyone a have Steam account?
Posted by Loksuven on Nov 25, 2018 18:47:33
just curious if so what games do you play i just got home and I am rather bored after catching those melten for the week
Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 closed beta
Posted by Loksuven on Jun 20, 2018 22:09:19
yo I been invited to the closed beta of the game and I got to say out of all the gotcha games that I played I got to say this one does not feel like a gotcha game I say this from mainly playing the closed beta (ENG) I know nothing about what's going on in the Japanese server the reason why I say this is because there is so many ways to get what you want with out using the summoning system you can just play the game and get what you want though battle and playing the game and just like any other Shin Megami Tensei game there is a fusion system and from what i can see you and fuse to get just about any demon in the game (or at least in this closed beta) the story is meh the graphics are really well made for a phone game and the models for the demon's are beautiful to look all in all (post pic's later) if this game plays like this on full release I would say pick it up it's a free phone game


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Desolate wasteland
Posted by Loksuven on Apr 01, 2018 21:05:51
It's so quiet....

Where did everyone go?

Planning to go to anime next up in ac June at it again time for crazy shit to happen
So anyone on how is it going home your easter was good

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Posted by Loksuven on Mar 14, 2018 16:33:56
Short journal cus why not nothing fancy because I'm lazy and fucked up my sleep schedule *cries internally* and a game I play is making dumb choices so yup.... I really need to get to my pm

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IDK worth a shot
Posted by Loksuven on Jan 26, 2018 14:20:17
Welp going to try but no one cares so would anyone care for Cards against humanity night idk something other then journals [ LINK ]

Or any mmos people play we could start a small community on there I been currently playing warframe (ps4) with my friends so anyone what to join feel free too or any ones your playing let me know I may join you

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look at me scrubbing
Posted by Loksuven on Jan 15, 2018 06:01:20
I wake up at 6:30 to take the trash out and come to find out it's Martin Luther King Jr. Day *cries internally* I recently got bacvk from Atlantic city with a friend I may go to Georgia but I'm definitely going to New York in may a lot of trips are happening I'm obsessed with Abigail art it's touches meh on a emotional level and I would love some pancakes too...

Damn it Reggie
Posted by Loksuven on Nov 13, 2017 17:53:06
My wallet was not ready why Nintendo why did you grip my wallet up *cries in a corner as are you ready for a miracle play in the background*

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so as the title says I don't think I need to repeat myself in something that no one will look at XD but we just came up with lore on how the goddess created our world I thought i would share it to see if I could get some friendly feed back.

In the beginning the world was a formless lump of grey clay. Upon it shone the light of the stars, and from beyond them came Atreya. She held the earth in her hands, and upon feeling it's course surface she frowned. With her left hand she pressed down hard, forming great depressions in the land, and with a needle she pricked her fingers. From them she filled in the oceans with her blood, and from it created the life that dwelled Under it’s surface. With her right hand she stretched the clay, pulling it upward and flattening it to create the mountains and land. She mixed the dried blood from her left hand with the clay of the Atreyu to create the plants and animals that inhabited it. And so, after she gave form and life to the world she rested in the sun.

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I'm beat D:
Posted by Loksuven on Oct 08, 2017 14:53:19
man I been out all week and i finally get time to myself untill monday D: so.. i'm going to play ps4 skyforge till i explode peace

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Firday night boredom
Posted by Loksuven on Sep 22, 2017 19:52:32
Yup im always bored friday night ;^;
Friday nights suck D: wish i had something planned but i don't *sad face*

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Posted by Loksuven on Sep 12, 2017 20:13:53
want to to play skyforge? I feel like playing again and starting over 030 anyone interested in playing

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Posted by Loksuven on Sep 09, 2017 19:20:03
This cat fucked me up today I was trying yo get him out of my room nicely (because my cat is hostile to all animals even kittens) and he looked chill do i decided to pick him up and he lost his mind as soon as i get him my arms (i was cradle him so he can sit on my arm he is ok with me picking him up any other time) my hand stings so much and the skin is still on it stings a lot even with the bandaid on it im really mad at him XD ok don't ranting about what no one cares about so... how is life
you know what would be cool
Posted by Loksuven on Aug 25, 2017 15:38:22
if you could log on privately that should really be a option reasons

1: some people want to be on without letting everyone know there on
and some people only talk to specific few so there would be no reason for anyone but those few to know there on

2: it stop bully's from knowing there target is and would hinder them from harassing said target

Posted by Loksuven on Aug 23, 2017 23:18:24
IDK what to type nothing really special going on right now XD just bored with nothing really better to do D: -sighs- guess ill count sheep
so really debating
Posted by Loksuven on Aug 14, 2017 23:39:12
I'm debating on adding kenkou cross's monster girl encyclopedia up as a series...BUT and it's a big "but" the entries don't depicted any R18 slime's being the gray area (and like 2 others I can thing off hand) it's more or less the entries them self *sweat drop* but only reason why I'm thinking about it is because I got a few of my friends into the encyclopedia (some from this site) surprisingly there all girls XD one of my fiends found her inner monster girl and now she is in love with the Satyros XD but that aside I just find the entries interesting and there good for having a original RP character that you can make your own... anyway link to the pool with all entries so far with translations [ LINK ] (IDK if that link will work but meh)

bruh I don't really make journals anymore and I just stick to the shadows and clean up the site I feel like "old man sky" XD

EDIT: PS: everyone hats the sandworm XD

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Posted by Loksuven on Jul 24, 2017 19:19:36
Trying too keep myself awake having a itis and dream land is trying to grip me up someone send help normally I would bather Cheshie but Cheshie is upset now and needs space im 90% sure im going to fall asleep I miss my rp friends where is lulu when you need her D: *yawns*

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My friend piched a spinner show to me
Posted by Loksuven on Jul 01, 2017 22:27:03
And here is word for word

I seek the legendary spinners that dominate this very world

The 4 are hidden in the most public places known to man to harness the spin energy of humans

The 4 are hidden in the most public places known to man to harness the spin energy of humans

Also, some of the most dangerous places

Paris, New York , Bermuda Truangle , Japan

the PRIME key is located in the nazca desert

Spinner prime lies in Pompeii , inside Mt. Vesuvius

Location of the 4 Legendary Spinners: 1 . Paris Catacombs. 2. The Mafia/New York underground. 3. Lost Island in the Bermuda Triangle. 4. Hidden within Mount Fuji

The Prime Spinner controls the very rotation of the Earth

Master G and "The Organization" seek to acquire the power of the spinners, but are they truly evil?

Meanwhile , the S.P.I.N. Foundation is recruiting people with the powers of the spinners to stop Master G and the Organization

Me: What does S.P.I.N. stand for?

Spiral Power Intensive Neutralization

Apparently he has 2 season thought up XD

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Posted by Loksuven on Jun 16, 2017 15:26:29
i'm sad cus i only know one other person with a switch but he probably does not have ARMS D: but gonna scrub ppl online with Twintelle i did win my first online fight 030

Back from New Jersey
Posted by Loksuven on Jun 04, 2017 22:06:17
Yo fun weekend with the guys (and one girl but she is part of the calective) sorry for this week and lazy ass journal but i been up since 5am (if your on the west thats 2am) and im beat hyped up on sugar and pie im home ans my cat missed me fade
New journal thing cus why not
Posted by Loksuven on May 26, 2017 21:23:40
Ehh... I just wanted to place something new here
I kinda don't know what to put here
Because I usually put whats on my mind
On FB so I don't really do it here
Going to NJ next weekend and my birthday passed
Thats about it for meh
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