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Okay so
Posted by Dwight on Apr 19, 2017 23:10:07
I'm an old user, my good friend convinced me to come back here, so yeah. I'm up for chatting or whatever if anybody is still into that haha.

Maybe run into some old friends of mine on here too, if they're still around.
Entry comments

Posted by: Mute on Apr 19, 2017 23:12:44
Dwight schrute????

Posted by: XxSebastian_MichaelisXx on Apr 19, 2017 23:14:37
Who are you?

Posted by: Dwight on Apr 19, 2017 23:15:54
Nah, an OC, didn't know what to set as my username lol.


As in my old usernames or?

Posted by: Deerhaunter on Apr 19, 2017 23:24:49
What up fam

Posted by: Dwight on Apr 19, 2017 23:30:03
Hey, hey, nothing much. Just surfin' the net before I sleep.

Posted by: XxSebastian_MichaelisXx on Apr 19, 2017 23:46:50
Yes usernames.

Posted by: Dwight on Apr 19, 2017 23:54:31
Well the most well known one was Master Detective L, though I left with a very bad reputation, to my knowledge.

Posted by: Yuya on Apr 20, 2017 00:21:24
Hello :D

Posted by: Parad on Apr 20, 2017 00:22:17
Hello there! Welcome back!

I remember your username. I don't think we were friends though (I can't remember most of my friends from back then anyways). Feel free to message me :) I am always looking for new friends and all.

Posted by: XxSebastian_MichaelisXx on Apr 20, 2017 00:24:45
I remember you being around.

Posted by: Dwight on Apr 20, 2017 00:36:25
I hope that's not a bad thing haha.

Posted by: XxSebastian_MichaelisXx on Apr 20, 2017 00:42:37
Nope haha

Posted by: Dwight on Apr 20, 2017 00:47:04
That's good to know then!

Posted by: Alice on Apr 20, 2017 11:30:40
Master Detective L!! :3 Oh, I remember you. I remember your real name too, but I can't recall it right now. ><" Hey, dude! :D It's so nice seeing old users come back! I talked to you a lot... This is Alice, better known as Aurora? x3 I had other nicknames too, like Hatsune (which is now my original account), but I also went by my real name, Leanne. c: Haha. It a pleasure to meet you again!

Posted by: Riku on Apr 20, 2017 11:56:35
I remember you! We used to talk a shit ton back in the days. We sent messages via wii every single day. It was annoying having to deal with my wii flashing my room brightly whenever I got a message at 3am or later. STUPID THING WOKE MY ASS UP. >:u I THOUGHT SOMEONE WAS MUGGING ME AT FIRST! We used to play so much of SSBB! Even when the site was down we would talk at the lobby for hours. Remember that? I missed it. Whenever I hopped on SSBB and noticed the name changed to "Toon" I knew your brother hogged your wii. xD Good old times. Glad you came back, buddy. I was wondering if you were doing all right.

Posted by: rubyhearts on Apr 20, 2017 20:11:41
I don't think I remember you but I'm not sure. I gots a bad memory anyway. >w< Anyway hello.

Posted by: Lafayette on Apr 21, 2017 19:06:38
One of your former brothers was one of the best friends I had ever made here. We still talk every now and then but not like we used to. Can't remember if you and I ever exchanged any words but I do remember you a little.

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