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~Name Change Maybe~
Posted by BeautyOftheHeart on Apr 20, 2017 23:41:20
I am thinking of doing a possible name change. I love this name do not get me wrong. I was thinking of doing the name change because I am changing my character. I have been Sakura on this account for a long time. I was thinking of changing to Jean Grey. I am a very big fan of her. Mainly her Phoenix form but still she is one of my favorite characters.

Here is one of the names I want to use-- Phoenix but I believe that name is probably taken. But I was thinking of doing BeautyOfThePhoenix. Something like that. Should I keep my name the way it is? I also was thinking of going back to one of my old names which is Matisse. Of course I will make the final decision but I like to hear opinions from people.
Entry comments

Posted by: Hikari on Apr 20, 2017 23:44:44
Ain't taken no more. >>''

Posted by: XxSebastian_MichaelisXx on Apr 20, 2017 23:47:53
I like your name you should keep it lady.

Posted by: Hikari on Apr 20, 2017 23:47:57
A, there's multiple Phoenix's! D'8
Gabe can help you get usernames that haven't been used in decades. :D
That's how I got Ranma.

Posted by: BeautyOftheHeart on Apr 20, 2017 23:54:45
I really like my name too Sebastian. I feel it is really unique. I put my name that way I can role play whatever I want without having to change my name.

I could go ask Gabe to help me get to usernames in decades. xD That is awesome :)

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