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I vote for Charlotte
Posted by Brandiii on May 17, 2017 22:54:24
My reasoning is she's levelheaded and has never caused dramz or been involved in dramz (if I'm wrong just tell me o.o). From what I've seen she's very friendly.

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Entry comments

Posted by: Charlotte on May 17, 2017 23:03:15
Lol I was like wtf is this. xDD
Nah, thanks. xD
Now I'm trying to think of any drama I was in. o - o
Nothing interesting at least. >>
I'm boring.

Posted by: Chef_Royardee on May 17, 2017 23:03:19
I feed her raviolis. >:0 Shes a great consumer.

Posted by: Parad on May 17, 2017 23:06:08
<3 I love you Charlotte <3

Posted by: Brandiii on May 17, 2017 23:08:17
Girllll, youz the beezkneezz.

Posted by: Brandiii on May 17, 2017 23:11:23
Can I vote for more than 1 person?

Posted by: Charlotte on May 17, 2017 23:14:15
Yes! xD Marrying them to vote works too.
Not sure how much Gabe is factoring it in but we will see. o - o

Posted by: Angel on May 17, 2017 23:25:38
Good luck to all admins of 2017 :D

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