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Can you be in love with two people?
Posted by MzEpic on Jun 16, 2017 12:49:09
Like legit in love, thoughts?
Entry comments

Posted by: Nemurin on Jun 16, 2017 13:52:59
Hmmmm. I think so. :0 But it's odd. Usually sooner or later you will have to choose one. Do pros/cons of the person. Or it might be harder like a breaking point unexpectedly of why you shouldn't be with that person and with the other instead. YOur heart will go one way. You have to give someone you're all when you're ready.

Posted by: jociekat on Jun 16, 2017 15:34:07
Yes, but ultimately, you'll decide on the one with the bigger and thicker cock.

Posted by: Charlotte on Jun 16, 2017 18:52:37
I think some people can, I know a few people who have made polyamory work,
I know I wouldn't be able to. xD

Posted by: MzEpic on Jun 16, 2017 21:01:56
I like jocie's thinking rofl

Posted by: sealegs on Jun 17, 2017 21:56:32
@jociekat then again 2 is better than 1

Posted by: Darkestar8787 on Jun 19, 2017 15:46:36
BANNED -_- for thinking about two dicks

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