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Question for all
Posted by Battletits on Aug 11, 2017 05:25:46
Do you believe in the paranormal and why? Don't be shy, it won't leave this site if you believe and tell.
Entry comments

Posted by: Aurora on Aug 11, 2017 06:16:28
Hell yeah I do.

I'm a huge believer in faith, angels, lost souls, etc. So of course I think people are capable of despair and torment to the point where they are unable to pass on... people so full of hatred that even in the great beyond, they still long to inflict pain onto the living. You can see it even in the eyes of people in everyday life. So full of hatred, regret, and negativity...

Posted by: Nemurin on Aug 11, 2017 22:17:04
Yes. I hear voices. Not sure if it's schitzo or paranormal. But..i;ve seen a demon in the hospital too and there's no denying that.

Posted by: Nemurin on Aug 11, 2017 22:18:08
It was light. In my room from the door being open the hallways are always bright and the demon even just came through the wall. The second night after that i had the worst night terror i ever had in my entire life. I can't even imagine thinking about what went on in those dreams ever again.

Posted by: Nemurin on Aug 11, 2017 22:19:12
As for the voices. They come and go so fast. through one ear only. It could be inaudible or specific phrases and messages. Sometimes i can even pair a face with it. I really am at a point in my life where i need to get this checked out, but i know they will just label me crazy. :/

Posted by: Nemurin on Aug 11, 2017 22:21:56
It makes me so overwhelmed the connections i have with this stuff. Even feeling connected to strangers who have passed that i didn't even know. I remember this girl telling me she felt connected to me with her best friend who had passed. And i just knew her best friend had wanted me to give her these vibes.

Posted by: Nemurin on Aug 11, 2017 22:24:10
Besides the demons i've seen spirits only once. They were old fashioned and there were multiple in my room. I saw them and then i would see images in my wall of like life clips, just basic stuff like i remember a landscape and seeing a town. Anyway, i had to have my mom come sleep with me and i STILL were seeing them. Sooo. I think they were honestly real. Because if i was hallucinating, there was 100% chance i would snap out of it by the time i got my mom and brought her next to me.

Posted by: Nemurin on Aug 11, 2017 22:27:06
Brooo. I remember going as far as almost asking my friends if they had a grandma with a beagle dog. Because DURING THE DAY. (I usually only hear the voices/imagery) but i saw an image of a beagle dog and a old lady...Lmao. I'm pathetic. And then, one night i got an address or phone number, and a name. So i googled it and was praying to find a lead. But no... :'/ I thought. this could be my big break. If only. THEY WOULD FINALLY GIVE ME SOMETHING SPECIFIC ENOUGH TO WORK WITH.

Posted by: Nemurin on Aug 11, 2017 22:30:10
Then like last week. I got a distressed young girl. :/ She was saying something about a man and seemed upset.
I really. need. to know. why. ME.
Could this really be a personal disorder? Like, these are just normal, sometimes negative, thoughts/images. Nothing too bad where i go crazy or anything. Soo. I really don't know if it's paranormal or my own brain.

Posted by: jociekat on Aug 12, 2017 00:23:51
Yes, and no.

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