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Guys are so annoying.
Posted by jociekat on Aug 12, 2017 02:43:02
When a guy makes it so fucking obvious he wants in your pants.

Entry comments
[insert what annoys you most about fedora tippers]
Posted by: jociekat on Aug 12, 2017 02:47:18
When guys think you need to be available for them 24/7.

When guys think they can abuse your emotional trust.

When guys think that providing emotional support grants them a free passage into your vajoo.

When guys think don't respect your space, because they feel entitled to your space and time.

When guys want to be the ones to come to save you and correct your way of life.

When guys want to outsmart you in every conversation even if they have very little knowledge in the subject.

When guys want a bread winner and a domestic house wife.

Posted by: jociekat on Aug 12, 2017 03:19:06
I'm going to start a journal series called "Dear Ladies" where I'm going to be talking about sexism, sharing articles, and my thoughts on male privilege.

Posted by: Nemurin on Aug 12, 2017 09:54:31
Right. 0.o I don't understand them at alllllll.

Posted by: jociekat on Aug 12, 2017 09:56:29
I, ESPECIALLY, hate when they ask to be your friend too. They put themselves in a position that they don't want to court or confess their romantic feelings, so you can ahead and reject them.

Instead, they feel like providing "friendship services" entitles them to a date and your body.

It's so annoying.

Posted by: jociekat on Aug 12, 2017 09:57:20
Also, I can't count the amount of times, that guys ask me to open up to provide "emotional support" as a mechanism to try to control me or break into my state of vulnerability to use that to their advantage.

Posted by: jociekat on Aug 12, 2017 10:01:54
When guys try to compliment you by saying "you aren't like other women", it's a big fucking insult.

Because one you're putting down other women to uplift me, two you're exercising your male privilege saying that YOU are an acting power of what women should be doing with their autonomy, and three, it's striping of my own humanity because you're boiling down my quirks, interests, ethics, and hobbies into a binary of "you" and "the other women".

Posted by: Nemurin on Aug 12, 2017 11:40:40
Girl you know just how to explain all the shit I can't. xD you need to write a book forrealllll!

Posted by: jociekat on Aug 12, 2017 13:05:11
You know, I really should. I'd probably be unapologetic writing it too.

I'm going to name my book That Girl With a Big Booty a memoir by me. I'll start out by saying that guys aren't discreet about staring at my ass.

Girls are more likely to perform worse in school if they're constantly being checked out. There's a study to it. I'm gonna go find it.
This is what happens when a girl is constantly aware of their own body.
Posted by: jociekat on Aug 12, 2017 13:12:56

Girls have major anxiety about what to wear and people reduce it as something superficial, but the basis in which girls panic over what to wear is because of body surveillance by everyone.

Should I wear this or that? Will that guy check out my ass if I wear these leggings?

It's hot. Can I wear short shorts without other women glaring me up and down?
The study
Posted by: jociekat on Aug 12, 2017 13:16:19
[ LINK ]

This was one of my sources in college when I gave a speech about self-objectification and my professor tried to dismiss it as nonsense, so I got into an argument with him and asked him if knew more than psychologists, sociologists, and doctors who have done studies in the habitual practice of women literally rotting from the inside out over self-awareness.

The fucker tried to fail me multiple times, but I left that class with a B after several arguments with the professor, because he didn't want me giving speeches on controversial topics.

He wanted shit like "is the xbox or ps4 better -- find out"

Posted by: Aurora on Aug 12, 2017 16:32:46
I-I can't keep up with any of this while on mobile. ;w;

So, in short, preach itttttt. ;]

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