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Flying to the Mall of America!
Posted by Ranma on Sep 08, 2017 11:50:42

I'm so fucking excited! >:O
I'm going to the Mall of America.
I'll be spending a week in Minnesota in October.
A birthday present to myself. <3
I'll be back before my birthday,
so I can spend that with my family. D'8
I have to start saving up money.
So excited...
Might apply for a credit card before I go?
Just in case.
I've never been on a plane. >>
Tennessee --> Minnesota.
Super fucking nervous about that.
Especially since I'm afraid of heights! ;o ;
Gonna need some Xanax. x____x'''
At least I'll be with my best friend,
hopefully I don't end up getting into an argument with him.
With my bad temper and all. :[
But we're going to go see The LEGO NINJAGO Movie
and to eat steak and to the Lego store at the mall.
:D So I'm thinking he'll be on my good side.
Plus he has 3 dogs and can't wait to meet some puppers. ;;
Anyway. c: Just a heads up to anyone.
I won't be around for some time in October.

Oh, and I quit Wal-mart yesterday. o;
Should be starting my new job next week. <3
Wish me luck.

Entry comments

Posted by: Bigby_Wolf on Sep 08, 2017 14:33:53
That's cool. :) I'm heading to New Mexico in two days to see my cousin before he gets married. I've never been on plane or to the southwest either. D:

Posted by: Cafe_Chat on Sep 08, 2017 14:50:03
That does sound exciting, have fun! I hate flying too, I've done it so many times and it still stinks.

Posted by: Ranma on Sep 08, 2017 18:15:52
Be careful! :o We're supposed to have bad storms here from Hurricane Irma around Monday and Tuesday. Is your girlfriend going?

I dread it, but it's better than a 15 hour drive. D'x

Posted by: Bigby_Wolf on Sep 08, 2017 22:37:22
Yeah she is, gonna be there for a week and a half.

Posted by: Dragline on Sep 11, 2017 15:41:32
Eeee! That sounds amazing! I wanna send you a birthday present.. o:

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