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It's a beautiful day.
Posted by Ranma on Sep 09, 2017 16:38:51

It's so nice outside. ;____ ;
It's been so nice the past 3 days!~
It is really starting to feel like Autumn here. o:
I've been able to keep all of the windows open.
x~x My family is so stupid though...
I have like...
two sets of family members headed to Florida for vacation.
What's up with that.
I just don't understand them. :I
It's nice weather HERE,
why would they vacation to a place
that's about to be hit by a hurricane.

On a sad note,
yesterday I made a journal about how excited
I was to see my friends three dogs.
But later that day one of them got hit by a car
and died. :[ I cried and I hadn't even met the dog.
It really pisses me off when people just let
their animals run anywhere.
Even if they are on a farm,
it puts the driver and animal in danger and ugh... Dx<
It pisses me off.
Rest in Piece, Biscuit. ;;

I hope everyone is out enjoying their day,
if they are able to.
And give all your pets love and kisses from me. :<

Entry comments

Posted by: Aegmato on Sep 10, 2017 00:56:54
I just saw the live stream of Florida right now oh my Lord they're already being flooded ;____; #prayforflorida
That so sad the dog died I'm sorry that happened to your friend T_T

Posted by: Dragline on Sep 11, 2017 15:40:02
I want to hug you right now. :c I don't know how to comfort people when it comes to loved pets passing away, but hugs always works.. ? Right?

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