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Posted by Loksuven on Sep 09, 2017 19:20:03
This cat fucked me up today I was trying yo get him out of my room nicely (because my cat is hostile to all animals even kittens) and he looked chill do i decided to pick him up and he lost his mind as soon as i get him my arms (i was cradle him so he can sit on my arm he is ok with me picking him up any other time) my hand stings so much and the skin is still on it stings a lot even with the bandaid on it im really mad at him XD ok don't ranting about what no one cares about so... how is life
Entry comments

Posted by: Aegmato on Sep 10, 2017 00:58:13
Lol part of having a cat xD all my three cats and kitten scratch the fuck out of me ofc I be mad until they come up and lick me to apologise lol

Posted by: Celevanna on Sep 10, 2017 03:40:02
Where was your cat?

Posted by: The_Invisible_Cat on Sep 10, 2017 17:05:39
At least you had bandaids.. when I had my cat she once accidentally scratched my leg(with her back feet/paw claws) when she had jumped out of my lap and I only had soap, water and an old bandana to cover it up with... but no seriously cat scratches suck but they heal pretty fast.

Posted by: mavis1999 on Sep 13, 2017 16:13:31
He attac but he has yet to protec. XD

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