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Nightmares are the worst >w<'
Posted by CantereIla on Sep 12, 2017 09:54:53
I really hate nightmares ~ I would have gotten a full 10 hours of sleep!
I usually do an average of 4-6 hours. I can function pretty well but if I get 8 or 10, i'm good !!!

This one was a different kind of nightmare. Reminded me of the Others mixed with Strangers. I've seen both so I recognize when it's a movie scene or plot lol,

Woke up about 8:00am Central timeish, so yeah D;

Also, I'm low key applying for jobs because I need to do something with my free time.

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Entry comments

Posted by: Dragline on Sep 12, 2017 11:47:09
What are the nightmares about? Like what happens in them? When I get nightmares, its usually about snakes.

Posted by: CantereIla on Sep 12, 2017 21:22:11
It was like waking up from taking a nap or morning, not a real time setting but more of just the action of waking up and there was someone watching me and I knew the person, got into some strange "been here before" feeling and woke up.
It's not a real nightmare setting but it is to me lol

Lucky, mine are people.

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