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I just realized I'll never be satisfied.
Posted by jociekat on Nov 12, 2017 16:40:15

Until I conquer the entire universe.

Also, I'm going to start writing out reviews on shit I watch, because I watch a lot of shit and sometimes, I have this urge to just organize my thoughts and digest what I just saw.

Entry comments

Posted by: jociekat on Nov 12, 2017 16:45:20
enjoy my cheesy horror film gifs, assholes

Posted by: Nemurin on Nov 12, 2017 17:10:56
Omfg my eyes D'; That stuff is so disturbing i can't watch horror like i used to..
it's super weird how people enjoy it. like, is it morbid, funny, like i wonder what is the scientific reason some people really like it. the thrill of being scared? i can see that. but like, if it's not scary to you...what is it?
Interesting to think about!!
I used to like it but like after i went through so many surgeries and experienced some "dying" like pain, as dumb as it sounds. Seeing that stuff rubs me the wrong way.

Posted by: Nemurin on Nov 12, 2017 17:12:20
Since we're on that topic, i remember, one time. These girls were telling me how they like gore porn. Like, what in the actual fuck...
domination and bdsm is cool and all that, but that...that's some next level shit. >.>

Posted by: jociekat on Nov 12, 2017 17:22:59
Really? xD I think it's super cheesy. Even growing up, horror cracked me up, because it was so obviously fake.
I like more like psychological and historic horror. o_0 I like shit like Stranger Things.
I think some people like it because horror feels have so many intense feelings. And sometimes, in your mundane routine, experiencing all those emotions feel good. I mean, when you have to feel them in real life it sucks, but a movie is a ticket to feel all kinds of emotions without causing harm to your real life.
But oddly enough, when I was younger I had no problem with blood and stuff, but now that I'm older I can't be around someone who has wounded themselves.

Posted by: jociekat on Nov 12, 2017 17:24:09
Yeah, that's disturbing... I've actually ran to quite a few people online that are into gore porn and I don't understand the arousal either.

I like softcore BDSM, but the hardcore stuff scares me. I don't think I could do that to someone. Plus, BDSM isn't abuse. It's more about sensations.

Posted by: jociekat on Nov 12, 2017 17:31:25

Posted by: Nemurin on Nov 12, 2017 17:43:25
True, i think the "based off true story" ones scare me if they're not like mainly psychological but more all the physical murder stuff, cause it's like wow, this is actually what a real person with real feelings endured. my mom would always watch forensic files and i'd fall asleep to all those stories and idk, its kinda an eerie memory growing up. xD i like the scientific aspect of it sometimes but other times when i'm sensitive i don't like it, and they make it so good like put you in the actual moments. but you're right, now im re watching the gifs and i feel different then first being freaked out xD
And yesssss. totally same.

Posted by: jociekat on Nov 12, 2017 17:51:29
Yeah, those do actually scare me and make me depressed. I used to watch Forensic Files too, but then when I got older, it just made me paranoid and sad. I don't read up about serial killers either, because it's just sad... Usually the victim are young girls and it's just a mess. But back to the conversation about gore porn, when I used to read up on serial killers, there were a lot of those killers who would get arouse and even climax from killing their victims. People like that are just sick. Like I want to treat it like a psychological person is sick, but I can't. I just don't feel empathy for people like that whether they were conditioned to be that way or born that way.

Posted by: Nemurin on Nov 12, 2017 18:08:46
Oh gosh.. Yeah that's unexplainable...

Posted by: Libby_VanHelsing on Nov 13, 2017 22:17:09
Interesting thoughts. Idk. I think people prefer horror films because of the subculture of it. There are some horror films I won't watch and some I would love to see. Like the Conjuring film series, I absolutely love them. For me I think it is a bit of the thrill of getting scared. You know like how people can be adrenaline junkies. I mostly watch horror films just to see if it actually will scare the living daylights out of me. So far none have. But the new IT did come close. If I had a clown phobia then it would have done it perfectly.
But films like the Saw series I won't watch because of all the gore and I'm an empath so those suspenseful gore scenes make me very uncomfortable.

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