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future generation-
Posted by Nemurin on Nov 12, 2017 17:27:54
it's pretty messed up how parents flaunt their child all over their snapchat stories that dissapear within 24 hours. my dad was always video taping us and we have the tapes to look back on 20+ years later and forever. it's just so shitty dude. stop flaunting children all over shit media and go get those pictures and videos developed and actually let it mean something.
Entry comments

Posted by: Nemurin on Nov 12, 2017 17:29:00
& before phone breaks and all those precious pictures are gone forever :)

Posted by: blankjk on Nov 12, 2017 17:34:48
Thank you. I agree with this 100%. Just because you gave birth to that child doesn't mean you can give consent for that child. It reminds me of parents who try to force relationships on their kids by making them hug someone they do not want to hug.

People have always recorded their children, but they have kept that private.

Posted by: blankjk on Nov 12, 2017 17:35:01
I really hate social media and how time consuming it is...

Posted by: blankjk on Nov 12, 2017 17:36:14
That child's photo will be all over the Internet before it even came to age to decide if they wanted themselves out there. I don't know. It's just kinda bizarre. People are so nostalgic about the 80s and 90s, but part of the reason that is because no one wants to socialize with a small group of people anymore. They're reaching out to a platform that supports billions of people on the planet.

Posted by: Nemurin on Nov 12, 2017 17:38:43
SO TRUE! Especially those naked baby pictures being posted online. like no dude :/ out of everything you choose to post that?

Posted by: blankjk on Nov 12, 2017 17:46:07
There is no reason for those baby photos to be posted, dude...
I feel like it just leads to elevated levels of depression, because they constantly have to produce content of their so said happiness. And they get caught up in it.

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