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I don't own the content, but...
Posted by jociekat on Nov 13, 2017 20:40:08
Yeah, I don't own the content of the things I like, but it fucking bothers me when I have something that is of particular interest to me, and all of a sudden -- you do too!
A lot of my interests are my hobbies and part of my collections that I have expanded throughout the years, so it pisses me off when people can't have the slightest bit of investment in themselves that they have to mirror your exact quirks and interests.
I'm not saying you have to spend your money on it, but then again, it annoys me when I subscribe to emails and religiously browse multiple companies for new releases, and I save up to the point that I limit myself on other things to pursue my hobbies and interests.
Just because you like it, doesn't make it your passion.

Entry comments

Posted by: jociekat on Nov 13, 2017 20:44:54
And another thing, these hobbies of mine have sentimental value from my childhood, shit that I got involved with because of relationships with people, and my insanity towards pop culture was mostly inspired by my ex-bf. We went to cons together, we collected shit together, we waited for new releases together, we'd text each other at the speed of light to inform the other that [x] event was happening or [x] got released. So, please, come up with your own shit. It's not impossible for you to like the same shit as other people, but when it's random shit like my old lady hobbies that you start to copy, it pisses me off. Because I know damn well you don't have any of the 1980s Sweetbriar Collection, so stfu and gtfo with your "vintage decor" just because I said shit first.

Posted by: jociekat on Nov 13, 2017 20:47:01
Maybe you guys would have hobbies you could elaborate on if you didn't have to steal ideas that seem moderately cool off someone's profile. Because you're at a stopgap with profile ideas.

Posted by: jociekat on Nov 13, 2017 20:47:45
Remember, your makeshift details is someone's lifetime pursuit.

Posted by: Alice on Nov 13, 2017 20:48:34
It's funny that the site suddenly gets active once we start logging in again. When we avoided it, there were tumbleweeds everywhere, with the same couple people making the same boring ass posts. It's soooo stupid and hypocritical for people to suddenly start talking about something after you've made it clear that you really enjoy it and it's like.. a part of your life.

Also, Gabe, please give us back our falling objects...

Or there will be problems.


I need my creativity, yo. Wtf.

Posted by: jociekat on Nov 13, 2017 20:51:44
I get that we live in a small world and with a lot of niches becoming mainstream a lot of people are exploring shit, but it's annoying when someone has made it a signature interest, and they're all liek "Omg m3 t00000".

I like a lot of shit, but if I'm not crazy about it, I'm not posting about it.

And yes, I want falling aliens. 8)

Posted by: Alice on Nov 13, 2017 21:01:57

"I'm such a cat lady (((((:"

I have a cat too but I'm not like "OMG I HAVE SO MANY CATS!!!11!1"


You have 6 cats and are always helping strays. I call that a cat lady.

I only have a couple hobbies that really impact my life. Stay away from them. >_>

._.' But it's not even that. This site is pretty small and dead now, I would guess not even 13 people made their mark. So for you to come out here like "DIS SHIT MAH LIEFU" way after the fact someone else kind of made it their "thing" ... then get out.

If I like something, welp, you betcha I can show you my wall of memorabilia dedicated to that thing.

Posted by: jociekat on Nov 13, 2017 21:08:05
I've been rescuing cats since I was in high school. I was so adamant about it that my best friend at the time talked a lot of shit behind my back calling me a crazy cat lady, because I kept taking in cats and rescuing them.

I've also been a volunteer at the Humane Society for 4-5 years now. I've recruited for them, I've donated food, I've walked the dogs, I've taken care of the cats. I'm encouraged people to adopt cats who are FeLV positive and I've encouraged people to get vaccinations for their cats against FeLV.

When I had a good paying job, I had a total of 33 cats that I rescued. I'm always trying to find kitties a home if they're stray.

I could ramble on and on, but I love cats. I loved cats since I was a little girl. My whole room was decorated with frames of cats. I had accessories and decor of cats.

I really love cats. It's just annoying when people who own cats just like everyone else try to self-proclaim themselves as the "crazy cat lady".

like no.

Posted by: jociekat on Nov 13, 2017 21:09:51
I've also taken strays at the local discount clinic to spay/neuter them with the help of a neighbor.

But yeah, behind people's hobbies, there's a history of why that hobby and interest is so special to you.

it's just annoying.


Like y'all claiming that "i lubb xmas!!111111" I'm sure you do. X-mas is a special time of the year to everyone, but when I say I love X-mas, I mean I have a passion for it. I start planning right after X-mas is over and I collect decor like crazy.

Posted by: Alice on Nov 13, 2017 21:11:41
Dude... I don't know how you go out of your way to buy all these Christmas ornaments and decor. xDDD I love the holiday too but damn, you really go all out. So I know you really love it, and have a true passion for it.

Posted by: jociekat on Nov 13, 2017 21:14:00
>:) I got you an Elsa and Anna ornament that plays "Do you wanna Build A Snowman?" and then another ornament of two penguins that says "bestie" from last year that I have YET to send. Dude, I need to send all this fucking shit o___0 I'm scared to ship it because I'm sure it's gonna be like $100. So, I think I'm just gonna send a little at a time.

I do have a passion for it. I'm gonna end up opening up a museum at this rate. XDDD

Posted by: Alice on Nov 13, 2017 21:34:45
:(((((((( Oh my god... I can't wait for the day I get them. >:)))))

I want to go shop at Hallmark one day and buy a couple Ariel ornaments like the ones you were showing me.

So fucking pretty...

Posted by: jociekat on Nov 13, 2017 21:53:03
I think what I'm gonna do since the presents have double from last year that I'm gonna go ahead and send you your presents from last Christmas and this Christmas. I'll do that for your birthday present too. I want you to have them for Xmas this year.

For real, I want to buy more Jim Shore, but shit is so expensive. :((((

Although, Enesco does these sales at the end of the year, and you get it at like 50% off.

Posted by: jociekat on Nov 13, 2017 21:53:32
Maybe I'll get you an Ariel ornament for your b-day. :D'

Posted by: jociekat on Nov 13, 2017 21:54:15

;-; So pretty.

Posted by: Nemurin on Nov 14, 2017 00:06:05
LOL. Jocie..I NEED to show you think book i made when i was like maybe 7 years old. About my love for kittens. xD I even made my own little story at the end of it. It's hilarious.
I still like cats but i'm allergic sooo >.> I rescued maybe 5 cats, and got pretty attached to them my dad wouldn't let me keep any Dx i'd sit on the porch just petting this one specifically that impacted me, she was the sweetest. She'd wait for me in the same spot in the bushes each morning i'd go out and she'd hear me and come right out, i still remember how she looked, she would trot out almost seeming if she was skipping, with her tail up and straight to me <3 i'd feed her, got her a flea collar, and one with little bells so i'd be able to find her outside... my dad got sick of her staying on the porch for me and forced me to take her to the animal shelter.. i'll never forget the fear she had right when we entered the building immediately freaking out...i've never seen her act that way. i cried so hard. she clawed my shirt and wouldn't let go of me...
i'm sorry...isabelle...

Posted by: Nemurin on Nov 14, 2017 00:09:48
there was another one, samson, he was really good. did the same for him. i didnt rescue him i think he just started coming around, i made him a little bed in my playhouse, he loved it so much, was around for a while, idk why he just dissapeared one day i think, my vision is fuzzy :/ maybe my parents did something fucked up like take him away while i was at school because he was "pissing on the porch" >.> :o

Posted by: Nemurin on Nov 14, 2017 00:10:14
memory* why did i say vision xDDD

Posted by: jociekat on Nov 14, 2017 22:18:15
Please, show me your book. ;_; I love this kind of stuff.
You're allergic? Dude, that's like the worst thing EVER. Cats are amazing. I think I heard from Leanne that your dad is allergic to cats? Yeah, cats get like major separation anxiety. It took my cat 3 months to get used to his new home. Maybe you should get a bald kitty. o: I'm sure you wouldn't be allergic to one. 8) Plus, they look mad cool.

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