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Zinnlia's Journal » Viewing journal entry

Site Updates Pt.2/New Rules
Posted by Zinnlia on Nov 30, 2017 07:22:10

Good morning, MYFC elves.

Who's ready for a long day of work? ;-;

Admins will now flag journals and image gallery posts.

We are still going by the 3 warning system. However, if you receive a warning and you continue to harass within 24 hours of the first warning, you will receive a total of three warnings.

If you receive 3 warnings, you will be suspended for a week and that includes ANY account associated with you. Your journals will be suspended, so will your image gallery posts. If you continue to harass despite having been suspended, it will lead to a second suspension that will put your account on hold for 2-3 weeks.

Finally, if such drastic measures doesn't stop harassment and positing of malicious content, you will be banned.

We are trying to have a jolly month, so please keep drama that takes place out of MYFC off the site.

Brandi, you are suspended for a week, because within 24 hours of your warning you posted content inciting drama. Along with making blank accounts to contact members over things that did not happen here a week prior. Please, stop. Keep your personal issues off the website. It reduces site activity and makes people incline not to post anything, because they feel threatened when you're making rude remarks to them.

If you guys have comments or concerns, please, feel free to comment below or contact me via private message. A more detailed journal will be posted later.

We are also open to suggestions. Are there any new methods you'd like to suggest?

Rainbow Candy Cane

-- Meilani

Entry comments
Posted by: Zinnlia on Nov 30, 2017 07:30:21
Any extreme posts of harassing and graphic nature will be banned automatically.

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