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Vlogmas day 4: Weather and dream job!
Posted by Brownies on Dec 04, 2017 17:53:51

My favorite weather is winter I love the snow! I hate and love the cold at the same time but I feel so jolly when we have this weather <3 it leggings and jackets all the timmmmmmmeeeeee.

My dream job is to be a veterinarian :D I'm planning to go back to school just to study more and get my license I'm pretty much motivated. Alittle start and experience of working in a pet store retail. It is alot of work like you have to study medicine and all the diseases in the animals ~ I just know I can't give up on my dream c:

I will post up pictures as soon as I can with the animals I've been working at my job :D if tinypic loads on my phone x.x

I fell in love with bearded dragons at work xD but I also get to held a snake ! The snake is so beautiful <3 we also have more animals at work but today was like deep cleaning for reptiles.

Entry comments

Posted by: Alice on Dec 04, 2017 18:02:38
A "vlog" is a video blog.. just thought I'd let you know.

Posted by: Brownies on Dec 04, 2017 18:23:52
Alice I knooowwww I just like typing vlogmas lmao I feel like blogmas doesn't catch attention even though it is a blog LOLOL I don't know I'm weird like that xD

Posted by: Alice on Dec 04, 2017 18:27:43
Yeah, I found that apparent because you enjoy trying to make people crash while driving by flailing your arms at them. ._.

Posted by: Brownies on Dec 04, 2017 18:37:14
Wait what o_O???

Posted by: Alice on Dec 04, 2017 18:46:19
You posted it on your profile.

Posted by: Zinnlia on Dec 04, 2017 20:15:18
I love reptiles. <3

Posted by: Brownies on Dec 04, 2017 21:52:03
Reptiles are amazing! I love them <3 especially snakes I'm obsessed o:

Posted by: Zinnlia on Dec 04, 2017 22:30:41
Snakes are so cute! Especially the little boas. c:

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