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Brownies's Journal » Viewing journal entry

Day 5: Handwriting and proudest moment!
Posted by Brownies on Dec 05, 2017 12:26:09

Im a beginner in the artist world ~ I sketch when I'm not doing anything ~ I'm trying to be creative lol.I have a devinart so if you wanna check out my more recent drawings you can go to

Other than that went to downtown and took some lovely pictures I thought I should show y'all what rva looks like <3

It was so cold out today! ;-; they just built that bridge up I only made it half way cause it was super CHILLLY

The canal walk is so pretty to go to xD

my produest moment is when I clean up the whole Creek with my group of friends and I will post a pic up i have to make a college of it so it gonna take some time but our Creek has this tunnel to lead to the other side of the woods and that where we took the time to actually clean everything up to make it look greener there was a beaver dam in the lake that was covered in trash we actually had to walk in the lake to go to the beaver dam to help the poor creature live more happily seeing the woods are trash like a dump made me super sad on how the animals are living. We felt really proud cause nobody ever told us to clean the creek we just got up and clean it.

Entry comments

Posted by: Charlotte on Dec 05, 2017 22:36:54
Poor little beaver. D:

Posted by: Brownies on Dec 06, 2017 00:22:07
Charlotte it was the saddest Beaver dam I've seen D: it had water bottles and trash bags all over it ;-;

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