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15 weeks + I hate philosophy.
Posted by CantereIla on Dec 05, 2017 20:09:29
So, It's been about four weeks since the last journal I wrote, so I figured it was time for a new journal lol.

The school semester is almost over and finals are next week.
I hate my humanities class; the people are too bad but the professor really irritates me. Just quit teaching and stop forget the prompt.

I got engaged on November 20th, and happily, a fiancee now ;D, feels like I'm growing up really fast but that's how my life has always been.

The wedding won't be until after our baby is born and probably for another year if then.

*Taps my chin* Hmmm.. ~

I think I'll change my signature but I can't find a good editing site, monkey-pic or pic-monkey is asking me to pay before I can use it :'(. I'm super sad since that was my "go to" spot. Any recommendations?

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Entry comments

Posted by: Charlotte on Dec 05, 2017 22:25:25
I switched to for the same reason,
it's essentially the same as picmonkey xD

Posted by: Aurora on Dec 06, 2017 19:10:41
"Hey guys I'm still pregnant

That's all

Good night"

Posted by: CantereIla on Dec 09, 2017 12:09:21
Charlotte - Thank you for the recommendation :) I used it and works perfectly!! :D

Aurora - How's school going love? Miss you a ton xx

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