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Charlotte's Journal » Viewing journal entry

Day 5 Handwriting/Proudest Moment
Posted by Charlotte on Dec 05, 2017 23:19:39


I have terrible handwriting, I usually just aggressively scribble and hope I can figure it out later. x3
I also have the beginning of carpel tunnel so my hand gets tired so easily. xD
I always have a notebook to write notes/poems in and my current one right now is...

It is full of little quotes from famous women and I love it. <3
I found it while clearing out my grandmother's house after she died, she was a bit of a packrat, and it's actuall from the 1980s. xD

My handwriting is decent in this picture, bit awkward looking cause I had to cut out my address I wrote right above it. xD
Can't have you all be sending me shit. D:< Lol
And this is my normal terrible handwriting!
Usually I just write really rushed first drafts of poems in here when I should be doing other things.

I'm not really sure what my proudest moment is, for someone who says I never do anything I've done quite a lot. o-o
I'm proud of myself for working my ass off to have money to study abroad, twice.
I studied for a semester in Florence and then in Cork, which was two of the semester semesters ever. <3
I also was involved in this thing in undergrad called the Women's Resource Center which was a women's advocacy/support group, I was the treasurer so I just signed stuff. c:
But one semester we did this thing we called "period purses" in which we collected old purses and filled them with pads, tampons, chocolate, and that type of stuff to give to women at our local homeless shelter.

Entry comments

Posted by: Brownies on Dec 06, 2017 01:31:56
Your handwriting is pretty <3

Posted by: Zinnlia on Dec 06, 2017 07:16:11
I like your notebook. D: <3

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