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Charlotte's Journal » Viewing journal entry

Posted by Charlotte on Dec 06, 2017 20:44:58
Just got back from my nightclass and ate dinner and now I'm settling in for some relaxing. <3
I have a super busy day tomorrow so I should try to go to bed early so this will be fairly short
but also filled with random Xmas movie gifs, cause I wanted something in it.
I hate having two journals up right next to each other but I'm gonna do it.

I was also going to put up some pictures of decorations around the city but my phone died so I will save that for later. D:
It was cold today too so I just wanted to get home.


These are my favorite boots I have ever owned. <3
They're Doc Martins so they were expensive but they were worth it, I've had them for almost three years and they are still basically good as new aside from a little wear and tear,
which is super surprising since it has velvet on it.
I got them from Xmas actually so I didn't even have to pay. xD
They are also the one thing I own I've probably gotten the most comments/compliments about.

Fears is an odd question for me cause I have a lot of odd, I wouldn't call them fears, but things that make me uncomfortable, mainly cause I'm anxious all the time anyways
but I don't like small confined spaces with tons of strangers, especially in the dark.
The subway is just like...the right size that it doesn't bother me but elevators are the worst when there are more then a few people in them, I feel like I can't breath.
I also have an odd fear of talking on the telephone?
I'm not really "afraid" of a lot of stuff, just uncomfortable/grossed out. xD

Entry comments

Posted by: Nemurin on Dec 07, 2017 14:14:02
ommmmmmmmmg i love those!!!!!

Posted by: Nemurin on Dec 07, 2017 14:14:02
ommmmmmmmmg i love those!!!!!

Posted by: Zinnlia on Dec 09, 2017 06:58:18
Your boots look warm. xD

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