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Fall semester over + second trimester
Posted by CantereIla on Dec 30, 2017 11:38:22
So, as many of ya'll already know I'm keeping my journals as an update on my first pregnancy at the age of 24. This is really the only place I can blog about what's going on in my life without my real life friends/families give their input. Myfc has always been my escape <3.

So! I passed the fall semester at UTSA and got my final grades back, thankfully (but not sure how) I passed that Humanities class with a D. Which means, I'm not kicked out for having a low GPA, it is now above the required level, and I'm in smooth sailings! However, I did receive an F on the paper and final, so again, really happy school is over. There were three other classes that I've gotten C-, B, and an A. I've signed up for my spring semester + ended up dropping the lab that was only one credit but would have made my third trimester very difficult.

I'm currently on my 19th week! Which means somewhere in the middle of my second trimester~<3. We found out the gender next Friday and will be posting a gender reveal for our families instead of us; I can post a link or a video to here too! We have our two names down for either boy or girl; Since I will be taking his last name Shepard, our boy will be David Owen Shepard and our girl will be Nora Denise Shepard. I can't wait to find out the gender then we can officially start to decorate our home! <3.

We won't be staying in an apartment the whole time, hopefully by the end of my lease, we can find a house to rent instead, it would be nice to have a backyard our doggie; Parker. We've been watching House Hunters a lot so we're so ready for the big step!!

I may get some bad comments, but I haven't stopped smoking either. I'm planning for the new year 2018 that I'll quit. I've only smoked a gram a week compared to quarter every two weeks so I've cut down a lot. It's really helped me with my nausea, cramps and growing pains, and the heartbeat is still the same for our baby. We're pro-cannabis and I even want to get into the vaporizers, but living in Texas means it's still very illegal. All the testimonies that I've heard about smoking while pregnant from the women who did it said that they're babies are healthier and smarter. So we'll see for sure, but I am going to quit in the next two days.

Hmmm.. My laptop will die sometime soon so I'll come back to update again. <3

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Entry comments

Posted by: Zinnlia on Dec 30, 2017 13:37:09
Holy shit. You are so fucking irresponsible.
Smoking while pregnant is NEVER good.

Posted by: Alice on Dec 30, 2017 13:39:29


... You really are fucking stupid.

Posted by: Zinnlia on Dec 30, 2017 13:42:07
[ LINK ]
[ LINK ]
[ LINK ]
[ LINK ]
[ LINK ]
[ LINK ]
[ LINK ]
[ LINK ]

Why do these academic sources say otherwise?

Posted by: Zinnlia on Dec 30, 2017 13:51:54
"Several testimonies said muh kid came out just fine."




"da heartbeat just fine (:"

Marijuana doesn't kill your kid.
It causes developmental delays. Developmental delays you won't start seeing until that child turns around 2 years of age.

It's just so selfish to me that you would do something like that.

Posted by: Zinnlia on Dec 30, 2017 14:04:17
It's all fun and games until they end up in a developmental center from the time they are diagnosed with developmental delays until the end of adulthood.

You won't be with this child throughout everything.

You'll be projecting your pathetic neurotypical privilege over that child.

It's a tough road for them.

All because you didn't want to go through nausea and pain that all of us endure during pregnancy.

You better fucking quit smoking.

Posted by: CantereIla on Dec 30, 2017 16:57:37
Ya'll opinions are noted ~

Alice, don't be a hypocrite. ~

Posted by: Zinnlia on Dec 30, 2017 17:44:00
They aren't opinions. They're facts.

She isn't a hypocrite. Alice is all for recreational marijuana, but not when you're pregnant.
So, don't put words in her mouth calling her a hypocrite because she's calling you out over smoking a gram of weed every week. What the hell is wrong with you?

Posted by: Alice on Dec 30, 2017 17:46:51

I'm ALL pro-cannabis, I think I've made that very evident.



I'm not addicted to weed. I don't believe in such a thing, because I smoke RECREATIONALLY and I don't experience withdrawals when I don't.

BUT once I start having kids, I would quit all of my bad habits. I'm going to make sure I'm my fittest. If you really think you're "addicted" to weed, if YOU TRULY LOVE YOUR BABY, you would try with every fiber of your being to NOT SMOKE. Even moms addicted to tobacco cut the cigarettes once they find out they're pregnant.

And you're over here proudly saying,

"I only smoke a gram a week compared to a quarter!!! :DDDDD My baby's heart still beating, so what??"

Are you fucking retarded??? Do you think we're a bunch of fools on here??? The first trimester is the most vital stage of a baby's life... and you're over here smoking weed the entire journey.

I'm not stupid. I know how much weed you're smoking and you're pregnant. It makes me sick to my stomach. You make me SICK. You are making you and your family's next generation and you don't give a fuck.

That child is at risk of growing up with severe issues. Have you even read up on pregnancy and developmental disabilities? The best proof you have of your pregnant pro-cannabis bullshit is, "These moms who smoked while pregnant told me their kids are smart!!!!"

YEAH. They were probably getting drunk and high on heroine too, to be thinking that fucked up state of mind.

There are moms and dads who do everything by the book and shit still ends up going awry.

You're just dumb....

On here saying how you passed Philosophy with a D and selfishly won't quit weed for a baby who didn't ask to be made.

Mom of the Year.

Posted by: Alice on Dec 30, 2017 17:57:16
"I even want to get into vaporizers because me and my boyfriend support marijuana!!!"

You're so fucking selfish.

Oh, my God.

"We'll see if I can quit come the new year..."

I don't even think you can turn back now.

This is so sad.

Posted by: Zinnlia on Dec 30, 2017 17:59:28
"I know I"m gonna get bad comments for this but pottu is liefu."

If you knew you were going to get a negative reaction, WHY post? Of course, if you had posted about drinking while pregnant the reaction was going to be the same.

Don't try to push politics into and try to say this has something to do with a personal lifestyle choice when it's going to have an effect on your child.

We already live in an ableist society as it is.
"My opinions" are based on FACTS.
Quit trying to justify your selfish actions.

Posted by: CantereIla on Jan 03, 2018 10:28:07
Ya'll aren't in my shoes, ya'll aren't pregnant.

So, fact or not; I don't care about what ya'll need to say. :)

Posted by: Alice on Jan 03, 2018 14:34:14
"You don't realize the struggle to not smoke!!!1!1!1 DDD:"

Women have been having children since the beginning of time. -___-

And they've also been making healthy choices that put their babies FIRST.

You just need a crutch, an excuse to justify every joint or bowl you smoke.

You don't care because you don't give a damn at all about your baby.

If your baby doesn't give you a reason to quit your bad habits, nothing will.

You're just a dumb bitch.

And fuck your boyfriend too for not speaking up against you smoking.

It makes me cringe. You'll both regret this for sure.

I'm so fucking disgusted....

Posted by: Alice on Jan 03, 2018 18:19:10
"Y'all don't know me!!! You ain't pregnant!!!!"

Anyone with a right mind does not have to be pregnant to know that you're NOT supposed to abuse substances during pregnancy. REGARDLESS of your lifestyle.

You're so fucked up.

Also, for the record, it's already been put out there that I'm no stranger to pregnancy.. So... the fuck you talking about?

You're on here GLOATING about your failing grades and smoking weed while pregnant.

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