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RP Kids Mark 2
Posted by fangirl5000 on Jan 03, 2018 02:41:07
An updated list of my RP Kids
1. Josephine: (Father: Col. Nozzaire from gadget and the Gadgetinis. Age: 28. Birthday: January 18. Gender: Girl)
2.Angela: (Father: Yogi Bear from Hana Barbara. Age: 28. Gender: girl. Birthday: November 1.)
3.Eva: (Father: Marco from the Animorphs series. Age: 26. Birthday: May 5. Gender: Girl)
4. Nefertiti: (Father: Kahhmunrah from Night at the Museum 2. Gender: girl. Age: 26. Birthday: October 31.)
5.. Helen: (father: Henri from Liberty's Kids. Gender: girl. Age: 24 years old. Birthday: July 4.)
6. Annabella: (Father: Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget and Gadget and the Gadgetinis. Age: 24. Birthday: January 10. Gender: Girl)
7. Lesly: (Father: Prussia from Hetalia. Age: 23. Birthday: July 18. Gender: Girl)
8. Josh: (Gender: boy. Father: Cornelius Robinson from Meet the Robinsons. Age: 22. Birthday: February 14. Gender: Boy.)
9. Maria: (Father: Carlos from The magic School Bus. Age: 22. Birthday: July 27. Gender: Girl.)
10. Thomas: (Father: Flint Lockwood from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Gender: Boy. Age: 21. Birthday: June 12.)
Triplets with Mayor Paul Spryman from Ozzy and Drix. Age: 20. Birthday: September 11.
11. Mary Anne: (gender: girl. Oldest triplet)
12. Matthew: (gender: boy. Middle triplet)
13. Chaya: (gender: girl. youngest triplet)
14. Betty: (father: Sparky from Atomic Betty. Gender: girl. Age: 19 years old. Birthday: January 1.)
15. Heather: (father: Gadget from Inspector Gadget and Gadget and the Gadgetinis. Gender: girl. Age: 18. Birthday: July 20.)
16. Hope: (Gender: girl. Father: Sam from Time Warp trio. age: 18. Birthday: December 12.)
17. Shilo: (father: Gadget from Inspector Gadget and Gadget and the Gadgetinis. Gender: girl. Age: 17. Birthday: January 10.)
18.Haley: (father: Ma-Ti from Captain Planet. Age:14 Gender: girl. Birthday: March 21.)
19. Oliver: (gender: boy. Father: Col. Nozzaire from Gadget and the Gadgetinis. Age: 13. Birthday: March 12
20. Jean: (Age: 11 years old. Father: Wheeler from Captain Planet. Gender: girl. Birthday: April 22.)
21. Sarah: (Father: James from Liberty's Kids. Age: 7. birthday: November 18. Gender: Girl.)
22. Nick: (Father: Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. Age: 6. Birthday: June 20. Gender: Boy)
23.Sylvia: (Father: Marty McFly from Back to the Future. Age: 2. Birthday: March 24. Gender: Girl.)
24. Alberta: (Father: Doc Brown from Back to the Future. Age: 1. Birthday: January 2. Gender: Girl.)
25. Nancy: (Father: Super Snooper from Hanna Barbara. Age: Newborn. Birthday: August 5. Gender: Girl)
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