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how was everyones holidays?
Posted by Queen_kay1985 on Jan 06, 2018 04:08:54
hi there everyone! how was your holidays? did anyone get anything really cool for christmas? i got a nintendo switch with the game fire emblem warriors as well as a $50 nintendo gift card from my mom and my older brother! that system is so freaking awesome! ^0^ its graphics are amazing! ^0^ did any of you guys get nintendo switches for christmas or boxing day to?

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Posted by: Parad on Jan 06, 2018 17:45:41
Mine was alright. It could have been better but it wasn't the same as the year before. I didn't have a big Christmas celebration. I had a small dinner with my dad and his father and my twin. <3

I didn't get too much so far since I wasn't with all my family but I did get some money, a gift card, perfume, and a few other nice things. I need to find my warm little socks to keep my feet warm. From what I know, the family members I didn't spend Christmas with got me some money so I need to collect it one day.

Is the nintendo switch awesome? I don't have one since I barely play games now since I'm focused on my family/college work. Gotta study a lot and try to get good grades!

I have heard of that game. I think it looks pretty cool. Is it any good? If the nintendo switch is worth it, I may think about getting one at some point. I don't have the money for one currently so it'll have to wait.

I hope everyone had a good Holiday season! I would hate it if someone had a bad one. :)

Posted by: Big_Macintosh on Jan 06, 2018 18:48:14
I did get Toys R Us gift card,Best Buy gift card,Little Caesar's $15 gift card,My Little Pony The Movie Princess Twilight Sparkle,Rarity Sea Pony,My Little Pony The Movie calendar,Mighty Morphin Power Rangers calendar,Dragon Ball Super calendar,Sonic The Hedgehog watch,Pac-Man arcade electronic game,1987 Turtles with keychains,two volumes anime Mouse DVDs,and Dragon Ball Z The Best of Goku Top 7 fan favorite fights DVD. :)

Oh yes, My Little Pony The Movie A Colorful Quest,My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle The Best Aunt Ever!,and My Little Pony The Movie Pony Pirate Party! :D

Posted by: NeelaRaboulski on Jan 07, 2018 14:21:05
Christmas was okay. A bit stressful money wise and having to please everybody

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