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Posted by CaptainFreakingPlanet on Jan 11, 2018 22:45:04
-flies around in circles around some trees-


Entry comments

Posted by: Yagami on Jan 11, 2018 22:51:29
So is this like your real name?? I need to know for sure. I am doing a survey on peoples' names to see who has the most unique name. ::Has a pen and notebook in my hand.::

Posted by: Parad on Jan 11, 2018 22:52:26
Yes, my son's name is Captain Planet. I should know, he came flying out my ass and was born into this universe that way. He's such a sweet boy. So kind. -tears up-

Posted by: Yagami on Jan 11, 2018 22:56:37
Thank you so much. I will let you know the survey's results when they come. Can I get your name as well? I need as much names as I can get.

Posted by: Parad on Jan 11, 2018 22:57:38

My name is Dan Kuroto :)

Posted by: Yagami on Jan 12, 2018 00:01:35
Can I see your license if you posse one? I need to learn how to spell it since I have never heard the name before.

Posted by: Parad on Jan 12, 2018 18:18:07
Well, thats a problem because I don't have one. You see, whatever your name is, I just can't get one right at this moment. It has to do with some 'legal' issues.

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