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Best Love Story Ever
Posted by Parad on Jan 12, 2018 18:52:01
Have you ever loved someone so much that you allowed them to run you over and make you make them some dinner? O/ Raise those hands people! Raise them!

I shouldn't be writing a journal again but I decided to off the other one for a beautiful love story. That love story is about me and some rhino.

It isn't what you think. It wasn't a real rhino but for the sake of this, it was. It was a real one.

:') I know what you're thinking right now. You're thinking "Man, Parad, you're crazy!" And that is right, I am crazy!

I had two kids with that rhino. It was trying to mate with someone else but I was like, "Nope, you're mine beautiful" and I got ran over for disturbing that rhino.

I didn't care that he ran me over. i had to be with him. We ran off and got married. He divorced me and took my kids away because I would party (not really, I lied to him about the partying).

Anyways, a few months later (after our divorce), he found me and ran me over. He crushed me into nothing and told my ghost to make him dinner. I agreed to that and got him a bowl of cereal.

Now that is love people. You don't know what love is.

And if you're thinking I'm being serious right now about this love story, you're wrong. I just felt like writing this journal about that random not so beautiful love story. :')

I was reborn after that death. Anytime he would run me over, I would come back. That rhino couldn't get rid of me. And he was handsome. He even told someone he was. Then he stabbed them. What a great guy, right?!?!

Anyways, back to my Untold Stories of the ER show.

PS: Not putting this under members only. I think that it doesn't really work out and people will see it anyways since they can make a fake account to look at journals. But that is just my opinion. :) Also, doubt it will make activity happen but who knows? I just think people will stay silent if they want to. I sometimes lurk so o/ More power to you all.
Entry comments

Posted by: Equinox on Jan 13, 2018 00:06:41
Must've been one sexy guy, that rhino. D,:

Posted by: Parad on Jan 13, 2018 00:08:52
He was really sexy.

In his own words, "You can look into the mirror all you want but you will never be as handsome as me *stabs*". He didn't say that to me though. He messaged some random dude that :p

Ah, good times with that handsome ex-husband of mine :') I wish our marriage would have lasted. We were perfect together.

Posted by: Parad on Jan 13, 2018 00:09:19
I wonder how my children are. :') That rhino better be taking good care of them!

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