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Horrible anime.
Posted by Nemurin on Apr 10, 2018 13:45:07
Anyone else watching Beatless? I feel like it's so horrible it's good. I die over every scene. It's so random and i barely know what's going on the entire time.
It's one of those i can actually watch without thinking too hard, if that makes sense.
Literally just cracking jokes the entire time while drooling over hot girls fighting.
Entry comments
Posted by: Loksuven on Apr 10, 2018 14:23:48
At least you find enjoyment over cracking jokes about it sometimes i find an anime like that XD but I never seen this one XD I just recently Watched Garo vanishing line and omg I loved and out of the 3 garo anime (because i watched most of the live action drama) this is the best one it held my attention all the way though all the emotional seance where all done right and it actually cared about who died (I had sead manly tears watching this) I told one of my friends about it and she started watching it and likes it if you like horror action and drama I recommend Garo vanishing line

Posted by: Charlotte on Apr 12, 2018 14:13:41
I watched the first episode but it didn't interest me enough to keep one, seemed just okay.
Although I do have a few of those types of shows that I watch when I just want to relax and not have to think. x3

Posted by: Cmdr_Gabe_E on Apr 18, 2018 15:57:11
LOLOL, Nemu, Beatless sounds like it's true to its name --- Beatless. I'm surprised you're still watching it, haha! I guess every now and then it's fun to watch something super silly ^_^!

To me, a good story and characters are a must.
Right now, I am watching Your Lie in April :)! So far so good. Before that, I finished Erased, another good one :D!

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