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Ravyn_Moonshadow's Journal » Viewing journal entry

*he tries out a VR version of MTG*
Posted by Ravyn_Moonshadow on Jul 14, 2018 15:28:46
*his avatar is of the main Planeswalker of his custom sets of Eternal Legacies, Rulers of Ainthar, Defenders of Rothnax and Eternal Guardians whose name is Burnheart*
Nice I'm my favorite Planeswalker.
Moonrose (the Planeswalker based off Alice): Burnheart my love! Our homeland is under attack from the Kuthar.
Zalax (the Planeswalker based off Doom): My lord! The soldiers await your orders!
Mauna (the Planeswalker based off Celevanna): My friend, may I ask what you wish to do about the Soul Stones?
*he thinks for a few minutes*
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