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lil_vamp's Journal » Viewing journal entry

Posted by lil_vamp on Dec 24, 2018 19:12:54
*everyone is sitting around the christmas tree in their pjs*

Me: Merry Chrismas Everyone! I hope you all have had and are having a happy holiday! *hands out presents*

Rohan: Merry Christmas sis. Merry Christmas Oda. Merry Christmas My loves. I love you all!

Dante/Ryden: Merry Christmas Rayne. Merry Christmas Oda. Merry Christmas my loves. I love you too!

Niklaus/Caiden/Xandir/Kara: Merry Christmass Daddiea, Auntie Rayne, and Oda! We love you!

Oda: Merry Christmas Mama, Uncle Rohan, Uncle Dante, Uncle Ryden, Uncle Alex, Uncle Val, Nik, Caiden, Zandir, and Kara!!! I love you all!!!!!

*we watch as the kids open presents, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" playing on tv*
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