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Inkscape book back cover
Posted by lil_vamp on Jan 19, 2019 22:21:20
Welcome to “Inkscape”, a rockin' N rollin' supernatural tattoo shop located in the heart of California's most famous city, just west of the sunset strip. It's also in the heart of the supernatural community. Oddly enough however, we see more humans in our shop then we do other supernatural beings. My names Brea “Breezy” Sinner, and I own and run “Inkscape” with my best friend Amarri “Mar-Mar” Valentine and my younger brother Ryden Sinner. My brother and I, we're half human, half vampire, Mar-Mar, she's a full vamp, with the most wild and crazy personallity, and a crazy neon pink and electric blue pixie cut to match. Hope you all are ready to walk in and schedule an appointment with three of the cities finest and craziest tattoo artists this side of Cali.
Entry comments

Posted by: Zinnlia on Jan 19, 2019 22:33:26
The pedestrians did not expect a half dildo half human to appear at the doorsteps of Inkscape.
The diluman asked for the owner of the shop and said, "I'd like to have a tattoo of a dildo and human to honor my parents. The first dildo/human couple in Cali."
Of course, Brea was fucking furious. Why was this diluman showing up to her shop to ruin her amazing shiny LA story? In fact, human hybrids are only good in any story if they're sexualized. Vampires are hot because necro dick is hot.
Brea smacked the diluman and then was attacked by LA twitter and all the neo-liberals of California for being antihumanist and antidildoist. Inkscape was shut down.

The end.

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