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hay there pals whats up? ^_^
Posted by Queen_kay1985 on Jan 23, 2019 02:45:00
Hi there friends! its been awhile! how were your holidays? i have been busy chatting with van55555 IRL and he says hi to you all, i finally found a decent comic book store where i live so yay!! i can finally get back to working on my MLP comic book collections again! ^-^ i got smash ultimate, spyro, lets go eevee and persona 5 dancing in starlight for christmas and i have played them so much that i now have a sever case of eye strain! LOL it hurts! but the games!!! ohhh there just to fun to put down! ^0^
Entry comments

Posted by: Big_Macintosh on Jan 23, 2019 11:48:15
Thanks for the update, glad you found a comic book store.
Yes, the games are fun,but take good care of your eyes. Happy New Year! :)

Posted by: Cafe_Chat on Jan 30, 2019 15:27:29
Hey, good to hear from you again! Sounds like you've been having fun. Heard a lot of people have a blast playing P5: Dancing in Starlight. Certainly has a good aesthetic and I bet the soundtrack is killer. Take care of those eyes!

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