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What do you think
Posted by Doom_Slayer on Feb 07, 2019 00:54:04
Has everyone heard about what happen to Vic Mignogna and what are your thoughts? Are SJW’s to blame or was he in the wrong
Entry comments

Posted by: Zinnlia on Feb 10, 2019 10:49:21
I don't have the full details of the story, but I heard this all started because he refused to sign a yaoi fan piece that a fan made?

That fan stormed on Twitter and accused him of homophobia for not signing her yaoi posters. After that a series of attacks were made of him, but the most interesting aspect is the leaked DMs regarding the orchestrated attacks.

Personally, I think if he is innocent, that he should sue everyone making false accusations against them. I think if people are going to get online and try to ruin your livelihood and if you are innocent, that you should take legal measures.

Posted by: Zinnlia on Feb 10, 2019 10:53:21
This reminds me of the Chiptole incident. A manager refused series to a group of young men, she was accused of racial bias, and fired from her job.

The same guy that leaked the video claiming "racial bias" from the Chiptole manager was found to have posted a year ago STEALING from the Chiptole. Apparently, the guy and his friends frequently visited Chiptole to steal condiment containers and starting trouble, so there was prior history between the manager and him. Yet, the manager lost her job because Chiptole didn't further investigate the accusations.

Posted by: Zinnlia on Feb 10, 2019 10:53:39
refused service***

Posted by: Charlotte on Feb 10, 2019 11:25:17
Only thing I read about did seem like he was at least inappropriate with young fans but not sure if it would raise to the level of abusive. *shrug*

[ LINK ]

Posted by: Issabella on Feb 14, 2019 18:38:14
Poor Vic he a good guy

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