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twobee's Journal » Viewing journal entry

Posted by twobee on May 28, 2019 07:16:11
Blank account are not allowed to make reports.

It has already been established that blank accounts cannot make reports. SINCE YEARS AGO.

Another reminder: I am not a bot. I am a person with a life, hobbies, friends, a job, emotions; I am not going to downgrade myself, because my jokes are not your type of humor.

For those who are confused, I said "Fat people gave birth to gay people." I found it funny. It's a self-deprecating joke.

Your politics are not universal politics and should not be held as the norm. If people want to make journal entries about Donald Trump, they can. If people want to make journal entries about differing opinions on body shaming, they can. This isn't Twitter, it is not Tumblr. It is not your domain to mold into whatever off-the-wall left wing shit you get off to.

I will be issuing out a warning to everyone involved in that SB. Come at me again and I'm banning you. I don't have time for your double standards. I offer to mod the site FOR FREE. I am not a street-level bureaucrat, so stop holding me to that regard.
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