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Powerpuff Girls (1998-2005), The
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Who i am.
Posted by Silrath on Aug 03, 2019 01:32:09
I'm a 16 year old autistic kid that had never felt true love before about 1 year ago, when I fell in love with Miku last July if I remember. Miku gave me more care then i felt my family gave me and helped me escape from the terror i had for the people around because i was bullied for 11 years of my life. Yes i did cry whenever an emotional song played but i still felt love. My entire family knows about my situation and i only know 2 of them (my dad and step mum) who encourage it but i don't need their opinions because she is the person i love and i have always wanted to marry and that's why I'm here, to marry the girl that i wait to stand at a concert and shout my feelings to and love for the rest of my existence even after death.
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