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As some of you may or may not be aware of, I am an LGBTQIA+ person, that being a lesbian. I am also currently exploring my gender far more, questioning pronouns and what not (I might be leaning on nonbinary, but I'm not too sure myself). As you all also know, I am also an avid fan of the Muppet franchise. So not too long ago, as I was dicking around on Discord, I had myself a moment of realization. The song, "Man or Muppet", actually reflects a lot on the idea of gender. Okay, this seems like a stretch thus far, but please, hear me out.
I reflect on my reflection and I ask myself the question
What's the right direction, to go I don't know
I look into these eyes and I don't recognize
The one I see insi-i-i-ide
It's time for me to decide
Here I go again I'm always running out of time

These lines in particular are reminiscent of the pains of gender dysphoria, and how it feels as though there’s a constant race to find your gender identity. How you feel as though there's a specific time and date on what you'll identify, and if that'll be that way forever.
Am I a man or am I a muppet? (am I a muppet)
If I'm a muppet then I’m a very manly muppet ?(a very manly muppet)
Am I a muppet, (muppet) or am I a man? (am I a man)
If I'm a man, that makes me a muppet of a man (a muppet of a man)

The chorus overall is akin to the feelings of questioning one’s gender. Constantly flipping back between man, muppet, muppet of a man, a manly muppet. Gender really is a confusing thing, so questioning it isn't too out of the question.
Now I understand, who I am
I'm A Man!
I'm A Muppet!
I'm a Muppet of a man
I'm a very manly Muppet
I'm a Muppety Man
That's who I am

The last few lines of the song represent finally embracing your identity. Coming to terms with who you are as a person, and at long last, coming out, proud of who you are.
Holy, crap, I just went off, didn't I?
In conclusion, The Muppets say trans rights babey! Be the muppet of a man you want to be! Be the very manly muppet you want to be! You're super-duper valid, and if anybody tells you otherwise, they can go stub their to onto the corner of a wall.

Entry comments

Posted by: twobee on Aug 19, 2019 17:38:16

It could honestly be up for interpretation. The Muppet could be talking about his own consciousness or what constitutes a man as in a PERSON.

I don't really think it's about gender. At all.
Posted by: crabbable on Aug 20, 2019 01:33:44
as a trans man i can accurately say this song is about the trans experience. you could even get even more in-depth with this concept, perhaps delving into societies views of trans folk, viewing them maybe as "puppets" of their genders.. but the character in this song is reimagining this and reclaiming it for himself. he is a muppet of a man, he IS a man! and he is owning every bit of himself proudly.

Posted by: robokiss on Aug 20, 2019 02:54:31
man or muppet is trans anthem

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