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One Big Yu-Gi-Oh Ramble
Posted by SassyMcGee on Sep 08, 2019 18:27:25
Hey yo! This is my 1st journal entry. As you can tell by the title, I'll be rambling on and on about Yugioh, an anime where people screw the rules, play a card game and plot happens.

I don't have enough cards for a deck. It used to be 25 but then one of my irl friends showed me that some of my cards were Speed Duel cards and so, now it's split into SD and Not SD cards. But he is showing me how to play the card game and allowing me to duel him so that's nice.
I ADORE the anime! Sure it's the same thing each episode: Yugi or whoever gets in a duel, they're about to lose, they give a speech about friendship or the heart of the cards or whatever and then they play the "You Win" card. Sure, 4Kids censored a lot of things to cleavage, religious symbols, finger guns, dialogue, etc. Even with all of that, I still love the show to death! I think the 1st time I saw the anime was when I was 8 or 9. I saw the 1st episode and I didn't think much of it. I watched it again last month and I instantly fell in love with it. I don't know why, I just did.
Yugi is sooooo adorable! He's so innocent and kind, the punk goth boy must be protected! (Hey, he wore a black sleeveless shirt, bracelets, a choker, and leather pants in some episodes. And I'm pretty sure he's wearing eyeliner.) He's my 2nd fav character. My favorite character in Yugioh is... Seto Kaiba! Sure, he can be a dick but at least he cares for Mokuba and he and Mokuba have been through a lot.
I really like the Legendary Heroes episodes. I just really like the virtual world that they're in. I like to think of it as Yugioh + Sword Art Online + Zelda + Final Fantasy. They're in a virtual world, they explore a dungeon, there's a fairy that's a guide, the Niwatoris remind me of Chocobos… yea it's pretty much Yugioh + Sword Art Online + Zelda + Final Fantasy. I also really like the Dungeon Dice Monsters episodes. Sure, the dog jokes are pretty cringy. (Joey gets put in a dog suit.) It's still nice to see something other than card games be played. (Yes, I am aware that Season 0 focused more on games.)
My favorite arc (So far) is Noah's Saga. Sure, it's a filler arc but I still really like it. I like how we got to learn more about Seto and Mokuba's backstory and I really like Noah as a character. Sure, Noah did some dickish things but at least he turned around in the end. I just wish he appeared in future arcs.

I really like the music from Yugioh. Sure, it's cheesy and corny but it has charm to it. And the Pyramid of Light soundtrack... that album (In My Opinion) is pretty good even though it has some songs that I'm not a fan of. For The People oh god why is this song even on here?! It has nothing to do with Yugioh or the Movie! I think It's Over and Power Within is meh. Every other song I enjoy. You're Not Me is the best song on that album. Seto Kaiba sure has a kickass theme song! One Card Short is catchy and fun to listen to. Step Up is also a catchy and fun song. Shadow Games gives me Evanescence vibes and the singer is pretty good. Blind Ambition gives me early 2000s pop punk vibes and I love it. The Great Pretender is a nice song to listen to. How Much Longer is also a nice song with a good singer. (This song is pretty much me in school) U Better Fear Me makes me feel badass and I love it. Believe In also gives me early 2000s pop punk vibes and it's just a good song. And the Yugioh theme song is just as good as ever! Overall, great album. 8/10. It's just a shame that most of these songs didn't get played in the movie. (You're Not Me played when Kaiba was in his Blue Eyes White Jet and One Card Short, Step Up, Blind Ambition, It's Over and How Much Longer were played in the credits.) And speaking of the movie, I really like it. Sure, they duel in one area for about 80% of the movie but I really like it. Now Dark Side of Dimensions is really good. I love the story, how it looks, I love everything about it!

My favorite monsters (From 1st to last) are Toon Summoned Skull, Magician of Black Chaos, Dragon Master Knight and Dark Magician Girl. I just like how they look and some of them are pretty powerful. The monster I say I'm like the most is Dark Magician Girl. She looks sweet and innocent, like me. I want to get Dungeon Dice Monsters and Eternal Duelist Soul for the GBA. They look like fun games and I've heard positive things about them. I have the manga and it's a lot darker than the anime. It has a meaner Yami, there are weapons and there's a ton of violence. Even with that, I think the manga is pretty damn good. And like season 0, it focuses on games. (Up until I think volume 8 where it focuses on the card game)
Now for the Abridged series... I've seen episode 2 of season 0 abridged and episode 12. That's about it. I've seen the one off vids. (I guess that's what I'll call them) Like, What Would Yugi Do, Kaiba's Real Father, Mokuba After Dentist, Don't Call Yugi Whack and the parody vids. (Without Yugi, Leather Pants, Brooklyn Rage, Pharaohs Throne and Espa Roba's Call Me Maybe parody.) I really like the one off vids. They're soooo funny and I highly recommend that you watch them. I like to believe that Joey is secretly a furry. I mean, Kaiba keeps calling him a dog, Duke put him in a dog suit, Joey is probably secretly a furry.

When I 1st saw the episode in season 2 where the intro changed I was like "Wait a new intro?" and the second the music really started kicking in I was like "Oooooh shit's about to get real this season! This is Battle City!" My favorite duel (So far) is Yugi and Joey vs The Big Five. It was cool and fun to see them duel against each member of The Big Five. That scene before Yugi and Joey dueled each other in Duelist Kingdom, the scene that plays No Matter What gives me feels. The 1st time I saw that scene I thought to myself "Awww come on Yugioh! Don't give me the feels! Also I need to find this song." I swear if Kaiba lost that battle against Yugi in Duelist Kingdom, I would have so hated Yami forever. If you've seen the episodes, then you'll understand why but Kaiba won albeit in a fucked up way. (But it was either lose or get a chance at saving Mokuba) I won't spoil how he won but after Kaiba's victory, I couldn't help but wonder "What will Yugi do now? Will he keep going or will he truly give up and stop?"
I'm probably looking way too deep into an anime about a children's card game but it taught me things. It taught me that, life can be difficult some times but regardless, with the power of friendship and believing in yourself, you can get through anything. And that you can face your fears and conquer them, you can face your demons and deal with them, no matter how big or scary they are. Cause it's never been about the size of the dog in the fight, it's always been about the size of the fight, within the dog. And even though you might have to make tough sacrifices, those moments are there to make you stronger. Don't treat the unknown as an enemy, treat the unknown as an adventure. That's what I've learned from Yugioh. In case it wasn't painfully obvious, I LOVE Yugioh! I know it's not the greatest anime, I know it has problems but that's not going to stop me from loving it! (And I know I'm not the only one who feels this way about the show) I've only seen Duel Monsters. (Yugioh here in the US and I finished season 3) I've never seen Season 0, GX, 5DS, Zexal, Arc-V or VRains. I know I've said this a billion times but I LOVE Yugioh to death!! Well that's it for my 1st journal entry. So long and goodnight. Stay fetch!
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