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One Big Yu-Gi-Oh Ramble #2
Posted by SassyMcGee on Oct 05, 2019 20:27:29
Hello again. This will be another Yugioh ramble, an anime where friendship is a thing and no one knows what Pot of Greed does.

(Warning: Contains Spoilers for Season 4 and 5. Just thought I'd let you know)

My thoughts on the Battle City arc? The 1st half of it (Season 2) I really like. I like Marik as a character and the duels are fun to watch. The second half of it though (After Noah's Saga) I'm really not a fan of. I dunno, it just feels most of the duels are dragged on for far too long. And while you could say that about the entire show, it just felt like that to me in that part of Battle City.

I have the Music to Duel By cd and I think it's pretty good. Yeah, most of the songs are cheesy but I still really like them. And if you've watched the show (Well the Duelist Kingdom arc) you'll recognize some of these songs like I'm Back, and No Matter What. My favorite song on that cd is Duel Madness. I just like how it's a mix of Kaiba's theme and that guitar solo! The one after "Send in the Swords of Revealing Light!" It's just a good song. The Yugioh theme is still just as good as ever. Time 2 Duel is fun to listen to. I'm Back is also a fun song and I like how the character voices are there even though some might say they ruin the song. Summon the Dragon is a nice instrumental tune. Your Move is a catchy song. No Matter What is a great song. Exodia I haven't listened to this song enough to have an opinion on it. Ahead of the Game is also a good song. We'll Be There is a nice song about friendship and like I'm Back, I like how the character voices are there. Face Up, Face Down... do I even need to say anything about this one? It's frickin Pegasus singing this song! Millennium Battle same deal with Exodia, haven't listened to it enough times. Heart of the Cards is also a fun song. And World of Yugioh is a catchy song that works as an introduction to Yugioh. It's not the most detailed intro but it works. Overall, good album. 8/10.

I have some Beckett Yugioh Collector Magazines if anyone knows what those are. I have issues 12, 13, 14 and the best of 2004 issue. Basically, they work like this: At the beginning they have
the contents telling what page is what, then there's the editors note, then there's the top 10 most popular cards list, then a collectables list and the prices of said collectables, then an article about anything Yugioh related whether I'd be Magicians or one of the Egyptian God monsters, then an article about one of the Yugioh video games, then the episode reviews, then a Q & A section, then a section showing off some Yugioh toys, then the Art Gallery section, and then the price guide. That's basically the magazine in a nutshell. And I really like it. It's just really cool to see what card is the most popular, the small Yugioh articles, the artists gallery or the other things in there.

Now Season 4... I really like it. I like the story of it, I like Rafael, Valor and Allister's backstory and the duels are also pretty cool. Dartz is a prick though. He ruined Rafael, Valor and Allister's lives just so that they could join him, with them not knowing that it was Dartz pulling the strings. When Yami played the Seal of Orichalcos I was like "Nooo dammit Yami WHY???" and when Yugi sacrificed himself so that Yami wouldn't lose his soul I legit cried. I cried with Yami. When Joey lost his soul, I cried and when Kaiba lost his soul, I cried. But at least they got their souls back in the end. I also like how the Dark Magician Girl is a character here. Although I imagined her having a more cutesy sounding voice but the voice works. I'd say that this is my 3rd favorite arc in Yugioh.

Season 5 (Specifically the Dawn of the Duel arc) I really like. I really like how we get to see Yami or Atem's past and the people who were involved and I really like Mana. She's just so perky but also wants to be a better spellcaster. When it was revealed that this was the ultimate shadow game I was like "Wait WHAT!? THIS is the ultimate shadow game?!" Like it was the biggest twist ever! I really was surprised. It's also cool to see the events that happen to the other people like with Kisara and Seto. And the Ceremonial Duel with Atem and Yugi is a really good duel. I still say Yugi and Joey's duel against the Big 5 is my favorite duel but the final duel comes close. And when Atem left the group and went into the afterlife I cried. Although the show ends abruptly. It would've been nice to see the characters lives after the Ceremonial Duel and what they think the future has in store for them, that would've been a better ending. Overall, my 2nd favorite arc in Yugioh. (My Number 1 favorite arc is Noah's Saga. Yes, it's a filler arc. Yes, it happens right in the middle of Battle City. Yes, the Big 5 are meh but I still love it!) Also Zorc's dragon dick. Just thought I'd bring that up.

The KC Grand Championship arc is meh. I do like Zigfried von Schroeder as a character. Yes, he lied to his brother Leon, but I still like him. Everything else is okay. And ugh, Vivian Wong. She likes Yugi… yea that's about it. This arc isn't the worst oh no no no, that honor goes to Capsule Monsters. Why does this arc even exist!? Now the idea of having Capsules being monsters that fight is kind of cool but this arc is so boring! I legit fell asleep watching one of the episodes and when I woke up, I was on the last episode. I fell asleep! Not even the second half of Season 3 or the KC Grand Championship did that to me! And I was trying to stay awake but I just couldn't. This arc is just garbage, it's boring and it's slow. The main villain is bleh. If I ever rewatch this series, I'm skipping this arc.

So yeah... that's my 2nd Yugioh ramble for ya. Have I watched any other Yugioh series? I'm currently watching 5DS and so far, it's pretty good. Until I type another journal entry, so long and goodnight. Stay fetch! Now if you'll excuse me, I have some 5DS to binge.
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