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Posted by Lurker on Feb 08, 2020 02:22:01
Why make it so only friends can see your profile. How do I know if I wanna be your friend???? Hmm? Think about it. It dont make no sense. Ya not thinkiiiiiiin. Use ya nooooggin.
Entry comments

Posted by: Loksuven on Feb 08, 2020 15:18:22
Honestly the system itself is broken if any of them options are on it block anyone from viewing your profile regardless if you're on there friends list or signed in or not which in my opinion kinda sucks cus members actually expressing themselves with there profiles and do some amazing things with the limited amount of stuff you can do imo (despite it actually being broken) i feel blocking anyone from viewing a profile just because there not on your friends list is a way to push people away instead of bringing people together

Posted by: Charlotte on Feb 09, 2020 18:49:50
It was implemented a while ago by Gabe so I don't remember her reasoning for including the only friends option, other then that some members asked for it I think?
The main reason for the logged-in member setting had to due with some issue with people lurking/stealing information and posting it to other sites if I recall correctly, I'd have to dig to be sure and I don't actually care that much lol.
If a system is broken why don't you actually speak out about it instead of staying silent?
If you don't like something say so.

Posted by: Loksuven on Feb 09, 2020 22:40:26
I don't think this the system in it's totality is bad just the just the blocking of non friends I actually think blocking non logged is a good idea or non users in general and yeah in hindsight I should have reported the system is broken and blocks everyone but since I am on and off myself (I'm mostly on ffxiv now a days)I didn't want to bother the admins with a complain from a user who barely is on and think getting it fix would be more then it is worth with contacting the site owner and what not but I should have let someone one know at least my bad XD

Posted by: Charlotte on Feb 10, 2020 13:37:03
Not like we have anything else to do lol.
I’ve told Gabe about it a few times and it’s been “fixed” before but who the hell knows.
I’ve had issues in the past with mine being friends only when I’ve set into only logged in.

Posted by: Charlotte on Feb 10, 2020 13:38:10
My phone got set to log in whenever I visit the site so I look like I’m online a lot more than I actually am cause I usually just glance at it

Posted by: twobee on Feb 13, 2020 20:56:52
It gives you the option of WHO you want to see your own profile. So, if that selective owner chooses that they don't want you to see their profile, they are within every right to make their profiles private from the public. Just as you have the liberty to choose your own privacy settings.


Posted by: twobee on Feb 13, 2020 20:58:10
It's a privacy concern because this website has lurkers everywhere, and if people don't feel comfortable and want that extra security measure, they should have it. Which, plenty of members have taken advantage of using their privacy. I don't know even why this is up for debate when there are options that suits your own openess.

Posted by: Lurker on Feb 15, 2020 15:22:11
LAWD nobody cares who pretend married who. Just makes the whole site less personal, and less interesting as a whole. Besides are people really putting personal info on their profiles?
Also lurkers deserve the same respect as the rest of you :(

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