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Dream Entry
Posted by Joan_Fiend on Feb 11, 2020 18:59:41
I am going to start writing my dreams down here, because I need a place to put them and I think it's really fun for the world to see my weird dreams!
Today I will be recording my previous dreams, but not the dreams I had last night (My brain deleted those ones for some reason).
I dreamt of a museum dedicated to the musician David Byrne, except there was nothing inside it, no pictures or statues or even music. there may have been some tables to hold lamps and doors, but nothing physical, and I still somehow knew that it was a museum dedicated to David. I was in there for a couple days before seeing some people other than myself. They were employees of the museum who wanted to quit their jobs, but were contractually obligated to stay there. We all wanted to leave, but it was too soon! We had to plan our escape, and I got to sleep in the same bed as a really nice lady. the bed was in a weird hole in the wall that had a curtain that wasn't closed all the way, the entire museum was blue or teal. I met David Byrne, except he wasn't real and was just constructed by the museum for whatever reason. Every moment David would become a random age, and it looked like he wasn't human. his room had a red carpet, wood plank walls, and a desk with posters for some band above it. My new friends and I had eventually made our way to the exit of the museum, but people were trying to stop us, but didn't succeed as we made our way to the lobby. I left, but my friends left me. I was in a forrest after, it was the same from another dream I had and this brick wall with a college emblem on the floor was also present there,

I hope this sounded interesting! I just remembered my other dream about being in a giant mansion surrounded by zombie people things and another dream I had about being in an art museum, hopefully I can remember and catalog those too!
Entry comments

Posted by: DreafIncarnate on Feb 11, 2020 21:39:42
This is really interesting! I’d love to hear more.

Posted by: Joan_Fiend on Feb 11, 2020 23:28:19
I left out some details because I needed to hurry and write the other details down. I have several dreams related to this one

Posted by: FunnySilly on Feb 12, 2020 22:18:04

Posted by: twobee on Feb 13, 2020 20:58:54
Breaking your journal in paragraphs would help.

Posted by: Joan_Fiend on Feb 13, 2020 21:19:15
I'll try to do that next time I dream something

Posted by: twobee on Feb 13, 2020 21:22:21
Sounds like a plan.

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