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iteas a mistake im so sorry im supoosed to be monogamous pride oh god
Entry comments

Posted by: opticalpopcorn on May 21, 2020 18:16:51
karkat is a troll so it can still be monogamous so long as its not in the same quadrant

Posted by: HonestlyAwesome on May 21, 2020 18:20:15
ok youre right im just so scared i dotn want him to be mad.... and im so ashamed bc its against my christian values and karkat has also expressed interest in becoming christian so... . . hhh this is so hard im so emotional i didnt realize how much work marriage actually was god what have i done

Posted by: opticalpopcorn on May 21, 2020 18:26:43
karkat should express interest in becoming a cuck. like not for any reason just as an aside

Posted by: HonestlyAwesome on May 21, 2020 18:32:43
WOAH that is a REALLY uncalled for comment. how dare you say something like that to me about my dearly wedded husband you fiend. reported, hidden, called the mods, emailed the admin, called the cops, called the state police, called the county sheriff, called your ISP, called the District Attorney, called Interpol, called the NYPD, called the State Attorney, called the LAPD, called Child Protective Services, called the FBI, called US Homeland Security, called the CIA, called the NSA, called the US Marshals, called the local courthouse, called your State Constable, called London Metropolitan Police, called the German Police, called the TSA, called the US President, called the attorney general, called the National Guard, called the US Marines, called the US Navy, called the US Air Force, called the US Army, called the Royal Navy, called the governor of every state, called the Federal Air Marshals, called every sheriff deputy, called the Coast Guard, called the US Customs and Border Protection, called the RCMP, called every park ranger, called the mayor of every city in France, called the British Army, called the Queen, called NATO, called the Russian Air Force, called the Federal flight deck officers, called the UN, called the Corrections Department for every state, called the Australian Federal Police, called SWAT, called the Supreme Court, called the Mexican Police, called the White House, called the DEA, called the inspector general, called the Secret Service, called CNN, called ABC, called the vice president, called the senators for every state, called congress, called Bob Mueller, called the pope, called CHP, called the Department of Fish and Wildlife for every state, called the internet police, called the US Capitol Police, and called the FBI.
wth honestlyawesome?
Posted by: JacksBerry88 on May 22, 2020 20:27:24
why did you call all the police officers in america over a comment?

Posted by: DreafIncarnate on May 23, 2020 20:07:52
this is the next great copypasta I can feel it in my bones

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