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Dream Entry #2
Posted by SassyMcGee on Jun 18, 2020 20:47:29
Disclaimer: I am not making this entry to copy anyone. I just thought I'd be interesting and cool to share one of the dreams I've had. With that out of the way, enjoy!

Hello fellow tacticians! So a while back I made a dream entry and I thought, "It's been a while since I talked about my dreams. Why not make another entry about them?" And so here's another entry! It's only one dream this time but good lord, it's uh...weird. It's nothing NSFW it's...let's just begin.

Alright the dream I had last night started with me in China at a grocery store shopping. I went to the cheese isle and in said isle, there was this machine where you would sprinkle shredded cheese on one of the 3 conveyor belts and the cheese would go down and pop out of this entrance near the belts melted together. I thought it looked cool. Then this ninja dressed in white began to make a mess, sprinkling cheese all over the place. The lady near the machine told us to clean up the mess and so we did, sprinkling the shredded mozzarella cheese on the belt. Then the lady said that would be my job and I would work here for the rest of my life. I immediatly made a run for it out of the store.

Then I found my self running through this dark building that barley had any light and when there was light, it was a deep blue. I ran through offices, just running for my life. I came across a very long flight of stairs that lead to the first floor. I took the handrail and I slid down it pretty fast, the lighting was still dim. Once my short ride down the handrail was over, I continued to run, I ran so fast it felt like I was gliding. I began to hop on the walls, as if I was doing parkour. I jumped on two windows, somehow not breaking the glass. The 2nd window I jumped on had a class in session, a room full of 2nd graders talking about the book Matilda. And I'm pretty sure they saw me but didn't care at all. I continued to run until I found an exit.

I entered the doors that lead me to the outside world and it was pitch black out and I couldn't see a thing. Then something lit up, it was Keebo (From Danganronpa V3). He did something to light up the dark area, saying "You seem to be lost, let me help you." I simply smiled and I hugged him. I looked up at his face and I kissed him, as my way of thanking him. Then he had a Blue Screen of Death moment, he just stood there. I walked away and went home. So that's where the dream ends, right? No, not even.

Then I was on this bungee rope in this bright sunny area where this guy was narrating about the Gamecube and how underrated it was. I kept flying up and down, seeing weird 3D models. Then suddenly I was Cat Luigi...cuz nothing in this dream matters anymore. I was in this sunny, town-like area, climbing and jumping on bouncy ropes collecting golden Peach and Pauline coins. Then I saw Mario on a date with Pauline.

Then I was back to my normal self in the same dark building I was in earlier. I ran through the same areas and slid down the same handrail. Except this time, it felt like someone was grabbing my hair as if they were trying to take me. I had a VHS copy of Invader Zim Season 1 with me so I swung it behind me only to hit nothing. I continued to run and I jumped on the same windows. Except this time, when I jumped on the second window, I broke into the classroom of 2nd graders. The teacher gave me a letter, saying it was from Marilyn Manson himself. I thought, "Bullshit. There is no way in hell I got a present from Manson himself." The letter said "From Marilyn Manson (Singer)". I opened it and inside was a large quilt that had all the Marilyn Manson album covers sewn onto it. I left it there and I left the place. So is this the end? Almost.

Keebo was outside of the building, lighting up the area again for me. We went to my home and I showed him my garage. Inside of said garage was a replica of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car (Except it was bright red) and these tall, teal rectangular figures in a circle. I moved the figures to find a small, empty classroom. All I remember finding was an apple shaped clock. I left the room and I hopped into the car with Keebo. I rested my head on his shoulder, wrapped my arm around him and I said, "I believe robots can love." Then this biker gang crashed into my garage and they had knives with them. I jumped out of the car and ran but they caught me. They held a knife against my throat but shortly after, they put their knives away and they went off, chuckling. That's it.

Good God...this really was one of the most erratic and random dreams I have had in quite a while. I guess listening to Tainted Love at 2 in the morning will do that to ya. Well until I type another entry, so long and goodnight. Stay fetch!
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