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*Azura and his friend Nina are driving home*
Posted by Jack_Midnight on Jun 28, 2020 04:29:26
Nina: Hoo wee! I'm still in frickin shock.

Azura: About what?

Nina: Uh duh, your arm. Who the hell grows an arm back, it's just weird. It's like a lizard tail or something.

Azura: Look I don't know it just grew. I mean are you kidding me. Lots of weird stuff happened. There were demons and scary plant roots and arms growing back. Lots of stuff.

Nina: *lights a cigarette* Do you know how much love and care I put into that Devil Crusher?

Azura: Nope. But this one. It feels nice.

Nina: So, how's it feel?

Azura: How's what feel?

Nina: Saving the man who killed your father. Heard that Jessie killed Shane once.

Azura: Doesn't matter. They're both gone anyway.
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