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A Fresh Start
Posted by Wapeach on Oct 07, 2020 13:12:28
Hey, folks! I know my last journal was literally me apologizing for my inactivity, but I guess this one's a little more serious than that one. So, if you view my page after seeing this journal, you'll notice a few things, mainly being a new theme, bio, and a significant amount of my F/Os zapped from my marriage list. As for the F/Os, they were either just crushes I added on too soon, or characters I've fallen out of love with. But that isn't the point. I decided to give my account a complete overhaul because not only is it really outdated, but also I generally associate it with a bunch of stupid, pretty regrettable things I did last year. I can't promise I'll be consistently active like I used to, especially considering I'm back in school again, but hey. I'll try. Plus, like I said, in general I've been really scared off from here, so maybe if I become active again I'll ease up and become more comfortable here. If you somehow managed to read all the way through then kudos for being that patient.
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