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Newly married to this beautiful turnip
Posted by Edgelord on Jan 10, 2021 20:58:05
Just got married to Prince Justin, aka Turnip-Head, from Howl’s Moving Castle! I only just watched the movie tonight and I knew he was my favorite character from the moment I met him.

Entry comments

Posted by: hitoshisphattoes on Jan 11, 2021 03:02:25
i put an avatar for him yw *pees and sharts in congratulations*

Posted by: Edgelord on Jan 11, 2021 09:15:29
thanks! btw, is anyone else unable to see the character avatars on my marriage certificates, or is it just me?

Posted by: Charlotte on Jan 11, 2021 12:44:12
I can't see it either, might just be because you posted it before the avatar was upload since it shows up on everything else.

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