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stargazing with Eggman <3
Posted by egg_emperor on Feb 10, 2021 05:35:02
while stargazing concepts are sweet, I barely see the stars here and I forget just how much of a special and intimate experience it can actually be. but when I went for a walk and the sky was clear for the first time in a while, I remembered what makes it so appealing.

of course, my mind soon wandered to thoughts of having Ivo there with me on a beautiful starry night! we both hate the biting cold, so it would be preferred when it’s been a warmer day and the cooler air of the night is refreshing. but we’d need enough warmth to stop us from getting a bit too cold, so we could still cuddle up!

I’d like to take a breather, appreciate the night, and think about how grateful I am to spend it with such a gorgeous and special man. it would also be a lot of fun as the stars would get us talking about space and after all the times he’s been there, he could tell me what it’s like and he’d have so many interesting stories to tell!

I’d especially love to hear about his Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park. I’d be fascinated as he fondly recalls the great things he created and all the fun he had there. the memories are bittersweet after what became of it but I’d assure that he’d get to have that again and more someday, as long as we stay hopeful and never give up.

then we’d cuddle up closer for cozy warmth and sit in peaceful silence, taking it all in and admiring the stars. while the stars are indeed very pretty, my gaze would keep turning to Eggman throughout because he’s prettier! while he’s looking up at the sky, he wouldn’t notice that I’m admiring his beauty and smiling at him dreamily. <3

then I’d turn to him and tell him that it’s not just the world that will finally belong to him someday, the stars will too and he’s truly deserving of it all! there’s nothing I want more than to see him happy and successful in the future. a big smile would appear on his face, delighted that I genuinely agree and support his biggest dream.

seeing him so happy would make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside and Eggman would feel the same way after hearing my heartfelt words. we’d share a big hug and he’d pull me in for a sweet kiss that makes a great amount of joy explode in my chest! I couldn’t help but gush about how much I love him and how much he means to me!

after we stay in the loving embrace and cuddle for a bit longer, we’d agree that it’s time for us to head back before we get a bit too cold. he’d offer to give me a hand and I’d take his warm hand into my own in a heartbeat. then I’d head home with the beautiful man I love, anticipating the many more cuddles and kisses we’ll have in bed! <3
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