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just words.
Posted by Sha_Chan on Aug 25, 2011 23:06:38
you speak of forgiveness yet you refuse to forgive.
you speak of undying love but your love died long ago.
you say humans are gross yet you yourself portray the stereotypical human being.
you seek the perfect person, yet you yourself are not perfect.
you seek a person whom will accept you with all your flaws, weaknesses and mistakes, yet you WILL NOT accept their flaws and mistakes, nor weaknesses.
you say you hate this and despise that, but you are/do every single one of those things you hate and despise.
you want everything yet you are not willing to give anything.
you say religion is stupid yet you pray to the gods every day.
you say people who believe in myths are stupid and blind yet you believe in it more than anyone you know.
you say hypocrites are the worst people in the universe yet you are the biggest one you know.
you say you hate people who pretend, yet you put on a show every time you walk out your door.
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